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A Prize for what?

Peace Nobel Prize: this is no gift for a virtual mass-murderer like Obama. What the Hell will he make with all his weapons now?

Jurymen (and women) of Stockholm usually give their prizes to crazy economists, worst novelists (I was almost disgusted of reading when I was seventeen by French Le Clezio who got the Nobel recently), without forgetting engineers who do not doubt that dynamite is essential in human progress (Hitler's engineer Fritz Haber who got the Prize for a gas-explosion detector in 1918 is in fact the more 'human' of them.) That is why one can guess they did not give their Prize to White House Resident on purpose. Best meaning to check it is to wait until next year to know if they give the Peace Prize to Ben Laden and his Al-Qaida party for same reason: helping Ben Laden to be a peace and love guy.

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