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  • Winter's Olympic Tale

    Are Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver made for demonstrating that Ecology is the last Capitalist's Stratagem? This spending of a many million dollar capitalist Shop-window, just after a big starvation in some poor countries in Africa or Asia, with the drawback of destroying natural mountains just for idiotic sportsmen fighting for a few seconds: what a clear confession.

    Of Course Chinese younger dictatorship is not stupid enough to nibble at this bait and take Ecology for something else than last Capitalist fancy. That Ecology is part of liberalism can be understood in this declaration of French Al Gore Yann-Artus Bertrand too: 'I am fascinated by gas'. In every kind of liberalism you can be sure to find this fascination. Contrarily to what he wrote in his book 'Mein Kampf', Hitler decided to fight against Russia... because he was fascinated by Russian gas.

    One must tell people from poor countries that are not rich enough to go to the Winter Olympic Games that it could be their best part. Spiritual comfort is in fact probably the more lethal weapon against oneself. Told by Jesus himself. Bet that people living in dreams are alive or dead already?

  • Stop that Winter-Games!

    You must standing against Canadian Olympic Games after Chinese and before English if you do not have racial/cultural prejudices. Wether they take place in Vancouver, Pekin or London, those stupid Games are the shop-window of capitalism and its worldwide slavery.

    First mistake is to think that this kind of competition is praising the body. The 'quarter of glory' (or ten times longer) is what those stupid people who are spending their life running or skiing five hours a day are expecting. Soul system (religion) is what is dividing under the appearance of unity. Destroying the body at the end. Politics, and not only Hitler's, is orchestral manoeuvres in the dark.

    I noticed during my scholarship that sportsmen and mathematician were of the same female gender. Puffed up with pride as a male rod with blood, they are very easy to manipulate by the most cynical Politics. The degree of suffering that those kind of sportmen are able to bear to get their drunkness makes them sado-masochist people and thus potential torturer.