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  • Networks against Church?

    Today Sexual Crimes in German and Irish Catholic Churches make it new, but the problem of Propaganda against Catholic Church, Press and Networks is an old problem in Europa (-1800) that can be understood rather easily starting from French example.

    First of all one has to underline the fact that Propaganda was invented by Catholic Church in modern History, including the use of lie without which there is no Propaganda.

    Obvioulsly Catholic Roman Church is often judged by Journalists who have no idea of its History or Theology and are not interested in them. Do not ask a French Journalist to understand the sentence of Karl Marx explaining that "Christian people became Jewish, that is what emancipated Jewish people." Journalists are just making the Propaganda for the Party they are belonging to, just as most of Catholic Roman clerks before.

    Biggest lie in France is probably the common idea, teached at School, that French Revolution was between Atheist People and Christian People, though one can read Voltaire, supposed to be one of the Prophets of the French Revolution, and understand that he is not so far away from Blaise Pascal, supposed to be the Prophet of old Aristocratic Christian Class (French Bankers putted B. Pascal on the bills in XXth century, probably to remain that Money is like Faith: always a Bet; and in fact Rich young man of the Gospel does prefer Faith and Law rather than Charity that Jesus makes an Urgency for Salvation).

    Better to understand European History, and even French one, is to read Shakespeare's History whose vision is therefore nothing less than prophetic. Against the Education based in Europa on Propaganda, one could imagine an Education based on Shakespeare's History: great progress for Children and Truth but great Risk for Capitalism and its Manoeuvring in the Dark.


    That French Journalists are mistaking Catholic Church and Clerks today is not surprising. Catholic Roman Church that what useful for the Power and the State until the End of XIXth Century is almost useless now. Catholic Church helped for instance Napoleon IIIrd to be elected (1850), to convince the Peasantry to vote for him, although Napoleon IIIrd was working for industrial Cartels; there is no peasantry anymore. Catholic Church was useful more recently -in 1914-18- to convince people that... War is a good thing! Especially in some areas like French Brittany that came out Middle Age recently and that gave French Army its best soldiers, motherfuckers who were sended in first line, convinced that God was happy that they make war for the Property, the Family and the Golden Calf! (Best XXth French Writter L.-F. Celine is coming from this Country and this insane religion of little farmers that makes atheism more logic.)

    Catholic Church lost every kind of influence definitely in Europa during last half of XXth Century; its sole use is today to make the new Liberal Religion more new-fashioned. Today the use of Christian propaganda would be more useful in... Africa, where it could be used by new Chinese companies to make African Peasantry more manageable.


    In Saint John's Revelation Christian Church is compared to a Whore having incestuous relationship with Kings and Nations (see 'Hamlet' or Dante Alighieri), a comparison which is already in Jewish Prophecies concerning Israel. It is said too that this Whore will be hated by the Nations behind Time, themselves rejecting their Mother-in-law (Rev. Chap. XVII).

    There is no serious translator in Catholic tradition who is trying to split this Whore Portrait from Roma. Only some (like French Bossuet) who are explaining that Apostle John is viewing here the Roma of Ancient Tyrants and orgies, based on selfish Religion of Family and Ancestors. Problem of this explanation is that:

    -it makes saint John's Prophecy useless, first of all, though the link between Prophecy and History that is underlined by great Francis Bacon ('Revelation is History');

    -and twice it puts on one side the fact that the good Church is compared to a Wife (See Poem of Salomon) and the bad Church to a Prostitute along Holly Scriptures, due to Eva's fault that Christian people think it can be abolished. Apostle Paulus (who was taken by Francis Bacon as a good example of clear Theology) does explain that the Union of the Christ and his Church as a marriage is 'a great Mystery', i.e. a mystery that Paulus does not understand but is one key of the Revelation.

  • Club Misogyne Paris





    It is because Paederasty is Liberal Politics Sexual Way of Life (Gay people are not far away from Robots); and because Women do suck Politics that the 'Club Misogyne Paris' was created to think different.

    Capitalist pigs go to Slaughter House with big Confidency in Satan their God.

  • Beware the Gorilla!





    Formerly people from French Britanny used to think that Monkeys were the Devil's Creatures. Because the Devil was envying the Art of God who made the Man, he wanted his own poetry and made himself a Monkey.

    Due to special ability of the Monkey for imitation ('mimesis' say snobs), it is true that one could give to the God of Music or Socialism a Monkey face. Maybe Aegyptian monkey-face God was close to Greek Dionysos, who is not far away from the Monkey too?

    Darwin's Theory was important in new religious feelings of nazism inspirated by Roman paganism, and it is still important in today Liberalism to draw a kind of Scientific Futurist Edena.

    We have 'Scientists'-as they say in France, such as Yves Coppens or almost hysteric Pascal Picq, who are closer to Religion than Science and never apologized because of their lies about 'Lucy', that was officialy declared to be their grand-grand-mother to young children during decades! Not to mention unbelievable lies of English R. Dawkins of the same Church, trying to hide that Isaac Newton is one of the most religious Scientist in European History, whose Science cannot be splitted from his Christian free-masonic ideas.

    Great success of Darwin's theory in nazism and liberalism must be understood as very reasonable, due to its moral and political components. Religion and Politics are closer (not to say the same), although Science is very different from faith (closer to Charity, in Francis Bacon's idea).

    THERE IS NO MATERALISTIC SCIENCE THAT CAN FIT WITH DARWIN'S IDEA; FROM ARISTOTLE OR DEMOCRITUS TO FRANCIS BACON AND KARL MARX, DUE TO STATISTIC REFLEXION OF DARWIN. Therefore one can say that there is no materialistic Science that can fit with physiocratic principles of nazism or liberalism. Organ is the domain of Satan and his clerks, and materialistic Scientists are studying it as the domain of Corruption, especially when they are Christian as Francis Bacon, but Aristotle too.


  • Fuck Your Parents!




    After soft boring Dictatorship of de Gaulle, replaced by Sex Revolution, as German and boring as de Gaulle before, we have now torture-Games on French-TV, Prostitution as Feminism speech, and almost the Greek or Californian Bankruptcy in a rich country where twice more people could leave in peace. And know what? French journalists that suck are surprised that 'only' 40% of voters took part to last Poll. Opposite is surprising: that there are 40% of voters that do trust Politicians again and again as a kid is trusting his mother even if she is punching him.

    Voters are mother-fuckers! Fable of Oedipus-the Tyrant about Politics is true.

    French word for 'ballot-box' is 'funeral urn'. Death is in fact where Politics is going.

  • Inglorious Politics

    French Politicians and Press are talking and talking about the 'Caution principle' that was crated to limit the risks caused by Capitalistic Economy that has the irresponsibility principle in its heart. Same but more efficient is the US Judicial system.

    This Paradox of both irresponsibility and security is essential to understand Liberalism. Of course the Money itself is made of the same contradiction, which is the Game paradox too (let's say the 'Black Jack Paradox' because I am Christian.)

    This was difficult for Press and TV, Networks, to hide this irresponsability recently because of the Big Earthquake that occurred, which opened many French eyes on the Incapacity of the 'five hundred families' that do rule their country. One can may be find an explanation in the French difference in the fact that French Economy, as it is based a lot on Touring, is less dependent on big industries. French President Sarkozy, who is working for French Industrial trusts is aware of this and would like to develop French Industry... in 2010! Inglorious basterds that keep the State in their hands do dare calling this 'liberalism' and speak about liberty. Do they think people are stupid as Monkeys?


    The 'Caution principle' is of course useless remedy, and French bankers and their journalists are joking about it. It does not change anything in the Capitalist economy; but don't be wrong, though their jokes they are the stupidest capitalists. 'Caution principle' is made to make common people believe that the State and its law is protecting them, which is an essential religion that modern soft dictatorship* cannot get rid of, especially when there is high unemployment level.

    Karl Marx, joining the Christian rage against Society, already was thinking at his Time that Socialism and Sociology were the most wile in liberalism. Leftwing capitalists are smarter than conservatives, with exceptions as Margaret Thatcher in Great Britain. One can compare conservative liberalism (Bush) and social liberalism (Obama) with two Shopkeepers. First one wants 'the butter and the money of it' (French proverb); second one knows he has to waste a little peace of butter not to see his Shop broken by angry people. Second one is the best Shopkeeper.

    *Soft dictatorship which is in Europa or USA allows Violence in Asia, Africa or South-America.

  • Give the Money Back!





    What is Quantum Physics but the religious language of Industry and Businessmen? Quantum Physics is Everything but a Science.

    Two facts as piece of evidence for laymans in the field of Quantum Physics:

    - Mathematics are almost on top of Physics now: that's the Tool on top of the object of Science;

    - Though Scientists are not supposed to know Economics today, they should have understand that the use of Mathematics in Economy would lead too bankruptcy. Even the boss of a Las Vegas Casino does know that there is no Casino without a boss ruling it. It was an idiotic idea, as idiotic as Master Berkeley is as a Philosopher, a Scientist and a Theologian.

    Inglorious Basterds of Quantum Physics got three or four billion euros a few years ago for a stupid Experiment in Switzerland called 'Large Hadron Collider' with no real Scientific Goal, looking for the 'Higgs Boson'. The name of 'Boson' makes me laugh each Time I am listening to it (A French humorist made a fairy tale with the 'Strawberry Gluon' inspired by this Quantum trick.)

    Four billion Euros is almost the amount of the Greek debt that fucking bankers and lawyers are asking the Greek people to give back in the coming soon years!

  • Hypocrisy-Day




    'Woman's Day' in France today. Will this Bourgeois Carnival of Hypocrites never end? There is no advantage that French Women got during these last decades which was not the result of economic capitalist transformation.

    Even the franchise for women was decided by the most conservative President of the last sixty years Charles de Gaulle who was thinking that women would be more conservative than men!

    Stupid old French feminists are surprised that younger women do not care of their Sexual Feminist fight. Is Selfishness the sole Ideal that a woman can have?

    For French philosopher Charles Fourier (1772-1837) who did inspired Karl Marx, prostitution is the back of marriage and marriage is the back of prostitution; and in fact the prostitute and the married women can thank themselves because they are depending on each other. Prostitute woman is able to admit it easily, knowing where her customers are coming; though respectable woman does prefer ignore this truth.

    Capitalism change during these last decades, women at work first of all, changed the status of both prostitute and 'respectable woman', abolishing the clear fronteer which was between them before. 'Love-match' is the result of the same transformation, well illustrated by the fantasy of Pretty Slut Julia Roberts, success story that would have make people laugh in XIXth Century because ot its roguish prank.

    Abortion Right is due to it too: no Feminism here but Economy. The Law freeing Abortion was even decided in France by the more Rightwing Conservative Party which does partly explain that Catholic Roman Church did not reacted to this Law against children, not more than Lutherian, Jewish and other Churches.

    Interesting point here is the confirmation of Marxist History. Fight between Classes is ending says Marx in Europe around 1850 (due to globalization). French Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte was elected by French people who were not belonging to the same class. Economical interests that were before different are more and more common from 1850.

    Feminism is an example of a common ideology that is today shared in France by the higher class AND the middle class that is just repeating what it is teached and repeated in newspapers. Feminism is part of a common religion. Young immigrants living in the suburbs are the only not to share this common stupid religion entirely made by Female stupid magazines depending from the Industry and the Banks.

    Women are often praising the politics' or the society's benefits against the today evidency of its bankruptcy. But Feminist women are for sure the most devoted women of female gender. See a difference between hysteric Nuns and Feminists women? I do not.

  • Mistake of A. Huxley





    Reading "Brave New World" I was very disappointed. Under strong authority of this Shakespeare's word (Bacon is behind), one could expect more than Huxley's wrong Essay.

    Karl Marx is closer to Shakespeare than Huxley does. "Destiny" against "Liberty": it is in fact a good point of view to understand Marx as Big Will. Wether he intended it or not, Marx purified XIXth Century Humanism of its deep coat of archaic pagan ideas (that Nitche, Freud or Levi-Strauss after Marx were not even able to recognize those motherfuckers!).

    What is the mistake of Huxley now: Dictatorship is liberalism, and liberalism is based on Physiocratic idea*. Problem of Huxley was that he was belonging to a Biologist tradition and family, sitting so on this Chair, unable to understand the need of the biologic idea for one Dictatorship (to change the State in a genitrix; though the help of darwinism to nazism or capitalist faith is rather easy to guess.)

    As clearly as possible, I will try to explain the use of the biologic idea:

    - Modern dictatorship is a soul system as music does: soul concept, as much Christian than Pagan or Atheist or Music concept is based on organ (Religious elitist Baroque music of Bach is for instance based on it); old religious pagan trick of soul system that was making anybody a piece of the tribe until the blind sacrifice of his body, liberalism just made it 'modern'. The highest the soul, the lowest the body which is big barrier to Religious or Political power (Understand that Olympic Games are not praising the body but the nations: it is a soul system.)

    - Not only Political institutions but weapons are organs too. Female weakness needs weapons as much as Politics or Sex tool (into which Politics changed men). Biology is the wet compost, the ground where Nature is changed in physiocratic idea or mathematics idea: that is to say politics. Where one can see that Darwin deals more with Politics than Nature is not only in the opposite story of French Pierre Boulle, but in the stupid 'struggle for life' and the statistics on which this idea is based, that are everything but 'natural'. To link the monkey (or any other kind of animal) to human, you need to make both monkey and human mechanics and take them so through the perspective of soul (or language).

    Living with Gorillas: I am not surprised that a Darwinist Woman got this idea. Gorillas are rather good politicians although their struggle for life system is not as efficient as capitalist jungle-law. Therefore Gorilla is the perfect protector husband and father; and of course perfect sexual tool. There is an idea of 'Prince Charming' in the Gorilla, who is nobody else than Lucifer in Christian Tales (Good anarchist French song about the love of Gorillas for the gentlemen of the robe.)

    *Russian dictatorship is not perfect example as United-Kingdom, France or even USA as K. Marx explained, because of its very quick changing from Agriculture to Technical culture. In other words there is no Russian Shakespeare to point out the fiend of Nations like Big Will does for new England ruled by Shylock.

  • Female Terrorism

    New scanners in Airports seem to be made to prove everybody that terrorism is only 1% made by Ben Laden and 99% by Politicians and Newspapers (Same mixing of fear and confidence in the soul metaphor of money. Power including weakness and weakness including power.)

    Even French Advisor of Sarkozy from the Masonic party (Alain Bauer), who must solve various problems of security in France, mostly caused by the incompetence of thirty-six last governments, he admitted that these scanners are idiotic (thinking that they are bad for the business, of course). If I would be paid to observe the stupidity of capitalist economy as this official useless advisor, I would be the richest French guy.

    Nazism before was only 1% made by Hitler and 99% by hi-fi technology on which nazis were based on. I understand this is difficult for a lot of people to admit that nazism principles were as much algebraic than a masonic pyramid.

    I call it 'Female terrorism' because in my opinion this mixing of faith and confidence which one can always find in big dangerous religions devoted to money and power are mostly supported by women -as sex or family does.

    Who is praising the islamic veil first of all on French TV? Islamic women, with exactly the same hysteria than their feminists opponents (far more powerful and part of the French politics). Hysteria that is usefull for politicians and their newspapers, although they are telling us that they are working for our social security. Best social security of Politician forever is Death.



  • Brave New Gay World



    Watched on French TV, Channel n°1: a kind of ridiculous medecine-woman who is teaching young men (of seventeen!) how to put on condoms before putting on somebodies. SS = Safe Sex after Social Security and Schutz Staffeln.

    This Channel n°1 is made with a bad mixing of commercials, hollywood movies or series and soccer. This is the Channel that low-educated French people are watching but that no French Politician can criticize because he would loose to many voters. Results of liberalism in Europe these last fifty years were not only to make people a little bit less rich than before (who cares?) but to make them the stupidest Euopean people of those last two centuries. 'Highway to Hell' is a good picture because the way to Hell is the widest.

    Argument of this technical lesson about condoms on TV is AIDS prevention of course. Big Brother is not watching you but taking care of you like a good God (Juno the Roman goddess).

    But in fact this very religious and ethical show is made for young boys to become the best CUSTOMERS. With industrial things, the relationship is a sado-masochist relationship too -or sentimental. This is remaining me French painter Delacroix who was from the liberal party at first. He is watching the woman as a beautiful art thing. Now people are just industrial things with no difference of sex. This is the progress of capitalism and feminism.

    Capitalism is of female gender because it is keeping men by the balls. Now capitalism looks like an old paederastic sexual offender who has enough money for legal prostitution. I am rather faithful in his soon murdering by a younger offender than him. Because it is just Natural ethical law to which devils are submitted.

  • Chant down Sarkozy from Babylon





    In Africa (Rwanda), French President Sarkozy accused Humanity to have been responsible of millions of African being killed. Sorry but this is liberalism trick one more time. Humanity-my ass! Capitalist system is not 'Humanity'. Auditor is crucial to make fake official history for Dummies to stay in drugs. To put out of the Black Register of Capitalist system all this waves of blood that make an Ocean now:

    - You have to prove that Rwanda politics was not depending on International Capitalist Trafic that makes Capitalist States send soldiers everywhere in the World to secure their business with religious or 'ethical' reasons;

    - You have to prove that Hitler's politics was not a capitalist one to whiten capitalism of millions of murders (what nazis did between 1935 and 1940 is exactly what Obama is dreaming about to do in the US Economics, with probably smallest opportunity to convince bankers to help the middle-class than Hitler had);

    - You have to prove that Abortion laws that made more than six millions of Foetus eliminated (in thirty years only in France) are not capitalist laws without any scientific reason but social, ethical or comfort.

    Out of Africa should go Capitalists professional story-tellers like Sarkozy, not only because of their Pharisaism (as much Christian than Jewish now), but therefore because of the evidency that they drove countries like France or California, 'lands of milk and honey', to bankruptcy. Tale of capitalism is so plain now: wish of milk and honey as a religion (that Hitler did not created only) leads to waves of blood.

  • Roma against the Machine?

    French Essayist F. Huguenin recently tried to demonstrate that Pope Benedictus XVIth has nothing to do with liberalism or capitalism contrarily to what his friendly USA-Tour could for instance make the world believe in.

    Problem of Huguenin's theory is that there are many French Catholic who do think today that Capitalism can be mixed with the Gospel; those 'Catholic' people are therefore those who are praising the German Pope as a Pop Star and helped French President Sarkozy to be elected WITHOUT ANY CHRISTIAN ARGUMENT. Closer to female Hysteria are the members of this Papist Party than the Gospel (Wonder why female? Because Capitalism is a big slut.)

    - French Cardinal Barbarin of Lyon, still called 'Prime of Gauls'(!), one of the five main French Roman Catholic chiefs said: 'It is a Christian duty to go to the Poll'. This Satanic advise was never condemned by the Pope. Only capitalists parties helped by big cartels (including weapon industry) do have a chance in France to win the poll, though there do exist other small parties. This is nothing else than straight help of a catholic major Clerk to capitalism AGAINST THE GOSPEL where there is no Encouragement to make Politics but many Warnings against!

    - Hypocrit 'socialism' in which Karl Marx was seeing the sharpest liberalism (and it is in fact sharpest to praise socialism out of China or India today) is the Pope's 'politics' against the evidence of its check and lie along the last two centuries. It is now seven centuries ago that Dante Alighieri condemned corrupted Popes to Hell; five centuries ago that Luther condemned 'market law' and German merchants for the same reason without any results (or very limited). Whom Benedictus XVIth does he think he will convince except a group of French papists female behind him with this new tepid Christian Socialism?

    - Last but not least, Ratzinger's Theology (almost unreadable for common French people contrarily to Moliere's or Shakespeare's theology) is quoting some philosophers who are antichristian like stupid T. Adorno or Horckheimer. Pagan Science, Art or Philosophy have been included from the very beginning by Apostles in their explanations on Holly Scriptures (Saint Paul is praising the Greek people who did believe in a God only); with good or bad results, but those different pagan philosophers and artists: Aristotle, Homer, Plato, Vergil, Cicero, a.s.o., were all believing in God: German philosophy that Ratzinger is quoting is made by State-Suckers; they do trust the sole Golden Calf. All that bullshit is direct consequence of liberalism or capitalism on Roman Carelessness.

  • Shame on John-Paul IInd





    Shame on former Pope John-Paul IInd indecent acts of self-torturing does illustrate the new use of Christian Roman religion by modern global dictatorship. One must say before two things about this Pope:

    -Nothing is less surprising than this habit from him; everybody is remembering his suffering when he was making his worldwide tours before his death. What are self-whipping with a waistbelt compared to the suffering of an old man next to death agony around the world?

    -Praising torture is ALWAYS a proof of low spirituality, in Christianity first of all, but whoever this praising is coming from in general; Atheist French Marquis de Sade as much as some crazy Christian nuns such as Spanish Theresa of Avila... Nazi's sado-masochist background is undeniable too: all that bullshit is betraying common intellectual weakness from same origin: Politics. The "cell" is in general what these people have in common. Devil is not only in the house, but in the cell.

    Outrage of mad killer against anybody is first of all against his own body (That is what the cops or the moralists making inquiries about the serial-killers are trying to hide: special responsability of Politics in these kind of murders.)

    Torture makes the link between family and politics obvious, and the fact that education is as satanic job as tyrant's job.


    Is there something more hypocrit in today's World than Hitler's sentence next to sado-masochism praise that one can hear from lots of stupid but powerful artists? Notice that 'Arbeit macht frei!' is not only a sado-masochist Eastern Device but a do-nothing Device of people that mostly make money or slaves work for them -as gloomy and contemptible than Greek idleness is full of nobility and altruism. Roman, nazism or liberalism principles are made for the slavery to continue as long as possible, although Aristotle, Aeschylus or Homer were fighting for liberty.

    New use of Christian religion by dictatorship now:

    -As Karl Marx explained ('The Holly Family') and his son Paul Lafargue after him (which is explaining the old hate of Puritans against Marx, though he is not that far away from Luther's vowing merchants and their laws to Hell), main use of Christian religion by different dictatorship in Europe during XIXth century was to justify industrial slavery. And it was a duty in lots of rich families to give one son to be a clergyman. Christian religion became useless for dictatorship after the disgusting of it in poor classes, replaced so by the State religion called 'existentialism' in France, made of half Gothic and Baroque old Clock-mechanism (Soul Systems or Sound Systems are the best in Dictatorship for a good control on big nations.) Nazis themselves could not use 'Jewish-christianity' to manipulate people as Napoleon Ist and IInd, Bismarck did before Hitler. Hate of Christian religion was at that Time too big in poor classes working for the industry.

    Hitler and nazis were the first politicians to do what Global Dictatorship is doing with Pope John-Paul IInd or Benedictus XVIth right now: making the existentialist religion modern in the comparison with old christianism of Roman Church that seems to make as many efforts as possible to be ridiculous and old-fashioned as Shylock in Shakespeare's play (Pope's small party in France is blessed bread for caricaturists as Texan people are for New-Yorker.) This press propaganda is sitting here on two big official lies as Hitler did:

    -First is that 'existentialist' religion of State is not less out of Christian origin than it is out of Paganism (The mostly Roman paganism concerned here was mainly imported in Christian religion by clerks, especially in the XVIIth century. Importance of Poets and poetry does prove that this paganism is mostly of Latin origin.)

    -Second lie is that 'existentialist' religion is not less Gothic or Baroque than John-Paul IInd sado-masochism which is obviously part of USA-culture (or Japanese one).

    'Highway to Hell' is the religious song of existentialism by monkey Mick Jagger out of some Business School; Jagger who knows probably as well as I do who Artemisia is and that Lucifer is not deaf to entreaties of frogs that are giving him their sufferances for nothing against a little piece of Glory.

  • Marxist be careful!

    Thinking that Hitler and nazism are no ordinary liberalism is the last mistake that marxist people must do. The demonstration that Hitler is one Devil who fell down from the sky is the main argument of publicists, journalists, teachers and the army of liberalism... which mostly do not even believe in God! Everything but History.

    History contrarily teaches that A. Hitler made the most honest liberal politics of XXth century and that this is this honesty that made German nazis adventure shorter, as French Revolution of 1789.

    Antisemitism was just useless for Napoleon before Hitler, who did not even need to seduce French people and win the general election as Hitler did. Antisemitism is just nazi's style, the orchestra of his "Titanic".

  • Muslim against Christian?

    First of all one must say that there is no reason for Catholic or Christian people to choose between Ben Laden and George Bush or Barack Obama. Prohibition of the using of any weapon against anybody except spiritual weapon against the Devil is absolute. There is no Christianism beyond this fronteer but Christian politicians against Jesus clear dissuasion from building his Kingdom in this world (that is French XVIIth theocracy or USA one).

    I am not the best to tell wether Ben Laden is Muslim or not, but Bush and Obama's religion of State and Capital has obviously nothing to do with the Christian Revelation. Not more than Roman laws, maintained in France by the civil massive-murderer Napoleon before Hitler.
    I sometimes ask myself as great Francis Bacon of Verulam if the biggest part of Christian theology was not made to hide the clear message of Jesus? The fact is that in the thirty-six different kind of Catholicism that were invented by scholars, there is more bullshit than pearls.


    With only 10% of immigrants, France is not like USA one immigrant's nation, but due to low ethical values of French capitalist politicians and their medias, those African immigrants are used to scare oldest people and of female gender too (in Eastern of France, mainly) in electoral time, as fear is the basis of political speech since the first days of Humanity (As soon as Moses their leader is not with them, Jewish people are worshiping the Golden Calf, that is nothing else than a metaphor of politics or power.)
    With this kind of speeches and the help of powerful medias, French Industrial cartels are able to make people forget that it changed one of the richest country in the world in a kind of 'Titanic', pointing out the less responsible people to whiten the more responsible with less sense of honour than Jackals have.


    Same number of Christian French people are changing for Muslim religion (which is a Jewish-Christian religion too, not far away from Luther's aborted Reformation) compared to Muslim immigrants who are changing for Christianism. The interesting point is that they both side do mainly change for social reasons not theological. First category are mainly young French guys who want to marry muslim young girls. Other category is mainly muslim young people who want to be more French. But contrarily to what some stupid Christian are trying to make people believe, Jesus is not socialist at all. Contrarily to what stupid communist are trying to make people believe, Karl Marx is not socialist either (Lenin himself knew it). US-religion is more socialist than marxism -and of course Hitler's religion was socialism too. Marx and F. Engels shrewdly saw in 'socialism' the new religious mask of capitalism.

  • Brave New old World

    The authorship of New secular Christianism is sometimes alloted by Scholars to English Scientist Francis Bacon Verulam (XVIIth).
    No doubt that there is an attempt in Bacon's Theology to make true catholicism, i.e. 'universal' in the Greek understanding of 'catholic'. But was Bacon even as naive as Dante Alighieri about a neutral posture of the State toward Churches? Probably not. Most of Bacon's Theology is about the bad mixing of politics, philosophy, science, ethics and theology that was making the gospels the property of a few clerks at the end of the Renaissance.

    I heard recently Swiss lobbyist Jean Ziegler on French TV giving the advise to last Pope Benedictus XVIth to give up the Catholic clerks' celibacy: is this new Christianism wished by Bacon? No, this is proving that Ziegler, although he is a rather intelligent lobbyist fighting against poor people Slavery organized by International Industry, Z. has no idea about Christianism that he is translating into a dim Socianism (It is therefore funny that Ziegler is quoting stupid German old fashioned philosopher Theodor Adorno as J. Ratzinger himself.)
    US Theocracy with religious leader Obama after Bush does not correspond to Bacon's idea either.

    Close to Bacon is Karl Marx, that is to say opposite to Brave New World in which we are. Scientific Progress in both Marx or Bacon view has nothing to do with Time religion of Einstein or Planck; communist progress cannot be splitted up from individual freedom.
    It took four centuries to capitalists States since Bacon to concentrate the power and the economy for the benefit of a few gangsters under the hypocrite mask of 'liberalism' that can only abuse a few paederastic hypocondriac cow-boys like Clint Eastwood now in Copland-USA.

  • Sucking Poets

    Four years ago US-Writter Johnatan Littell got the major French book prize 'Goncourt' for a book in (a very bad) French ("Les Bienveillantes", 2006). I am the first to recognize that 'style' is the make-up of art, but the funny part of this story was to observe that a Prize which is almost entirely devoted to entertaining and stylate litterature for grand-mothers and christmas gifts was given to this big book on ww2 (It is a current joke in France that no good writter ever got this Goncourt-Prize which has been without exception given to 'writters-that-suck'.) It is not new that the bullshit that enable publishers to live makes author die.

    Due to some Jewish obsession to summarize History into a Jewish problem and so destroy Historical studies*, French press and TV almost coerced French customers to buy Littell's book because of its subject (75% of books are bought in France by women, whose religious attitude is determining the success of a book; every blockbuster must be seen through this prisma. As a man I was bored by long sado-masochist descriptions added to the military life description. Is there any subject more boring in art than sex except soldiers and their military life? Subtle poets know that sex and soldiers are comic subjects about which only secretaries talk about seriously).

    A bizarre shock happened between two main religious today dogmas: Jewish dogma against Gay dogma. As Littell makes his main sadistic nazi anti-heroe a paederastic one, insisting on the incestuous part of his sexuality, the question was: what kind of dogma would be the strongest? Jewish or Gay? I must admit that thanks to Littell I was interested in this Goncourt Prize for the first and probably last time of my life.

    Theory of Littell is in fact not far away from what you can deduce of the reading of the French Marquis de Sade himself, whose devotion to sex cannot be separated from his devotion to politics. Sade is for sure the French philosopher who is the closer to nazi's revolution and Nietszche.

    My idea is rather different from Littell's one and that is the reason why I do think he is just an hypocrite. Sado-masochism is not the consequence of nazism but of liberalism. Karl Marx would no doubt have seen in Hitler's politics a regular liberalism, due to marxist historical method to examinate any kind of politics under its economical machinery first of all.

    French author Pierre Drieu La Rochelle (still censored in France or published with a preface to prevent people to share DLR's opinion!), who was seduced by nazism before the war like Ezra Pound or English Evelyn Waugh were by Mussolini, as soon as they went into Paris, Drieu La Rochelle was disappointed by nazis, recognizing in them ordinary capitalists although he was hoping that Hitler would change liberalism into an honest politics.

    *The most shocking effect of the Jewish obsession about ww2 in France is this idea that Napoleon Ist, because he did not made anything against Jewish, was not a butcher as Hitler, although the cruelty of Napoleon's orders was may be more terrific than nazi's cruelty. No need to say that Napoleon did not have the same opportunity to provoke popular electorate against Jewish like Hitler did.

  • Stop that Winter-Games!

    You must standing against Canadian Olympic Games after Chinese and before English if you do not have racial/cultural prejudices. Wether they take place in Vancouver, Pekin or London, those stupid Games are the shop-window of capitalism and its worldwide slavery.

    First mistake is to think that this kind of competition is praising the body. The 'quarter of glory' (or ten times longer) is what those stupid people who are spending their life running or skiing five hours a day are expecting. Soul system (religion) is what is dividing under the appearance of unity. Destroying the body at the end. Politics, and not only Hitler's, is orchestral manoeuvres in the dark.

    I noticed during my scholarship that sportsmen and mathematician were of the same female gender. Puffed up with pride as a male rod with blood, they are very easy to manipulate by the most cynical Politics. The degree of suffering that those kind of sportmen are able to bear to get their drunkness makes them sado-masochist people and thus potential torturer.

  • Misogyny against War

    One must not be surprised that Marxism is including Misogyny contrarily to Anarchy. It is easy to understand that capitalism is keeping us as women do: by the balls. Not so difficult to understand too that feminism is the roof of sexism, alloting to men the desire of girls! Soldiers are gay-people; I never knew talking about sex except when I was belonging to a French Football Team ('rugby') that I abandonned rather quickly as those guy were boring me to death as much as a Clint Eastwood movie.

    I remember my mother who was shocked when I was fifteen and told her I never would be a soldier in any case to protect the fucking French Nation or Flag or whatever... whatever I, keeping my children soul pure, I still shit on. A mother or a woman (mothers are the worst) who do not even believe in God, is able to believe in the Nation. The more unreal it is, the more a woman believe it. That is why churches and politics are both based on woman faith and so called 'reason' which is including madness (Jackson Pollock's art of controlled hysteria).

  • Why Politics kills History

    Pull Politics out off History and you will have Progress. Nazi's or liberal explanation of History is G.W. Hegel's one, that is History explained on the basis of political faith and reason.

    Last step: after having killed the Progress, Politicians and those who suck it will say: Progress does not exist but in Utopia. Nazism is Social Security Progress. Let the State take care of your progress, eat Steven Spielberg soaps whilst.

    I want to take a French example to illustrate why History is nothing less than the Enemy of the State (and of the Church when it was powerful as the State.)

    Georges Bernanos ('France against Robots') is author of this historical sentence written in 1948:

    "There was intelligence with the enemy, but this intelligence was lie.

    There was resistance to the enemy, but this resistance was another lie.

    There was victory, that one did not dare name 'Victory', because of some decency, but 'Liberation'.

    And this 'Liberation' was a lie too, and the biggest one...

    Liars you did not free France, but it is France that, day after day, with the help of Grave-diggers, is freeing itself of you!"

    ('Biggest Fraud in History', January 7th, 1948)

    G. Bernanos was rather well informed about politics and politicians of his time. It is possible not to be agree with this -I do personnally esteem that there is less decency in the word 'Liberation' than in the word 'Victory', but the point is not here. The fact is that in a France where censorship does not officially exist, this sentence cannot be published in newspapers or quoted in TV-shows. Sexual tricky habit of any member of the government is hundred time less dangerous to publish in the mass-medias.

    French -and as proud as Bernanos to be- philosopher Simone Weil who did know de Gaulle and his friends as well as Bernanos, had similar opinion as unpublishable. And it would be wrong to think that recent History is logically more difficult than old one: the case of French Napoleon, as criminal as Hitler was but who is although praised in France by many beotian is there to prove that Politics is dreaming of the destruction of History, piece by piece with the help of movie makers.

    ["Il y a eu des collaborateurs mais la collaboration était un mensonge.

    Il y a eu des résistants, mais la résistance était un autre mensonge.

    Il y a eu la victoire, qu'on n'a tout de même pas osé appeler Victoire, par un reste de pudeur, mais libération.

    Et cette libération était aussi un mensonge, et le plus grand de tous...!

    Menteurs, vous n'avez pas libéré la France, c'est la France qui, avec l'aide du fossoyeur, jour après jour se libère de vous."

    In : 'La plus grande escroquerie de l'Histoire.']