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  • France for dummies

    "French Identity" is a new word used by Politicians since the French major Companies are expecting to save money because of their bankruptcy. This is a little trick to make people believe that the failure is due to foreign workers, not to stupid industrial economic principles. In other words: Mathematics to solve and save Mathematics, 0 = 0.

    This is a German idea of France. Mathematics were very useful for new countries and governments during the XIXth for example to give a soul to something that had nothing to do with former patrimonial interests of different people. New words for a bigger scale.

    During de Gaulle's dictatorship was teached the perfectest mathematics, the 'French Hexagon', number that hides a lesson of history: no country in the world never hated the heart of France, that is to say Paris, as much as French provinces did or are still doing now.


    French Philosopher Rivarol, from Italian origin, who said: "My country is my language" does reveal the true spirit of citizenship or patriotic devotion. A combination of words. The more esoteric is the combination, the stronger will be the faith. Usa, more than France, are now entirely obeying to the language's function.

    Roman theology of Tertullian must be quoted here: "Credo quia absurdus est". No doubt that this suggestive way to believe is the best way to believe in the Morning star, believing it is the Evening one. This Motto should be written on the bows of every Leviathan Ark or on bank-bills.

    The translation of the fiendish theology from the catholic Church to the State occurred in the European XVIIth, era of war, dictatorship and bad scientists such as Gallileo, Descartes, Huygens or Newton that changed physics into language for ballistic reasons.  

    Proof that Catholic church was governed by fiendish principles is in fact in today Us religion, reflecting it.