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  • Female Terrorism

    New scanners in Airports seem to be made to prove everybody that terrorism is only 1% made by Ben Laden and 99% by Politicians and Newspapers (Same mixing of fear and confidence in the soul metaphor of money. Power including weakness and weakness including power.)

    Even French Advisor of Sarkozy from the Masonic party (Alain Bauer), who must solve various problems of security in France, mostly caused by the incompetence of thirty-six last governments, he admitted that these scanners are idiotic (thinking that they are bad for the business, of course). If I would be paid to observe the stupidity of capitalist economy as this official useless advisor, I would be the richest French guy.

    Nazism before was only 1% made by Hitler and 99% by hi-fi technology on which nazis were based on. I understand this is difficult for a lot of people to admit that nazism principles were as much algebraic than a masonic pyramid.

    I call it 'Female terrorism' because in my opinion this mixing of faith and confidence which one can always find in big dangerous religions devoted to money and power are mostly supported by women -as sex or family does.

    Who is praising the islamic veil first of all on French TV? Islamic women, with exactly the same hysteria than their feminists opponents (far more powerful and part of the French politics). Hysteria that is usefull for politicians and their newspapers, although they are telling us that they are working for our social security. Best social security of Politician forever is Death.