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Lonely USA

This was not the first reason of my travel in the USA a few years ago, but I was curious -as every young French people must be in his life against religious prejudices all around- of 'USA-power'. Where is it coming from? Where is it coming to? Why does this nation rule though she has almost no artist?

There is no pretension in this last sentence: 'there is almost no USA-artist', because for French people like me, Nation does only exist in little girls' head who are afraid by everything.

Fortune made me born in France, end of the seventies, which is probably better for mental health than to be born in Sacramento, California, at the same time (I was afraid by human condition in Sacramento); but Fortune is the Devil in best French artists opinion such as Balzac or Molière.

I must add that when there is almost no Artist, there is almost no Science too. 'Chance' is the same stupid explanation in Science than 'Grace' does in Religion, and you can hear this argument in fucking ingeneers' mouth all the time: 'Chance made it!'; to hide that there is no logic in their chain of principles, but always a big Hole in it. Because Ingeneers were not invited in Nuremberg Process, you can understand it was useless or a whitening operation of Germany (like Obama's election recently was). How prophetic Homer was to say that Soldiers are always Cuckolds! Cuckolds love Style and Uniform from Achiles to Hitler.

Do you seriously believe that if there was any Artist or Scientist in the USA, US Government would have let those crazy students of Princeton or MIT play their game in 'economy'? Young crazy students who have no experience of anything and whose life ended sometimes in Lunatic Asylums, where they should have been maintained from the beginning. Better Crooks in modern Economy than Ingeneers.

So, what was the meaning of the leadership of the USA on the rest of the world? (That does explain why mainly French Gay people are praising the USA (due to phallic symbolism of skyscrapers). I must say 'Gay' is for me: 'People for whom 'sex is all' (or 'feelings' when they have not enough money to pay for sex or do not dare touch sexual organs). No need to mention that genetic explanation of Gay way of life is the nazi's esoteric one, not well appreciated in France.

I focused on this three points after one or two weeks:

- How religious US-people are (theaters and churches everywhere);

- How devoted Men are to Women; not far away from Germany where Men have less individual life than French Women!

- Of course the importance of economy and business.

I guess that US-People who do appreciate French way of life are appreciating it like nazi's Officers or Friedrich Nietzsche because of pleasure and joy, unable to understand that running after the sex and the pleasure as Tex Avery's Wolf (greatest US-Artist) after a piece of meat is the best way not to enjoy. For very religious people, pleasure is a goal, that they do not cross in their life very often. Why do French people enjoy more easily? Because they are not hedonists as US-people are. Due to their special difficulty to enjoy probably, lots of women are good victims for religion and every kind of drugs. I noticed many times that women who can enjoy more easily are less stupid and not hedonist. They have a better resistance against businessmen who are dreaming to sell human people like animals, or make them believe that work and engineering can free humanity. Notice that in this religion of unglorious basterds, copying old Egyptian religion without their art, you can both find the praising of work and joy. Work for the Slave or the Poor. Joy for the Rich and the Masters, the 'Do-nothing' except preaching Pleasure and Joy for Poor people to make them patient.

This was rather a surprise to discover that USA are so hedonist and religious. Not very different from Germany in 30's. May be Obama does like 'architecture' like Hitler did? The weakness of nazis and their quick defeat was due to their religious stupidity. Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt were far more cynical than Hitler.

We know from ancient Greek that Dionysos, who is the God of Soldiers in their barracks, was too weak to be a real God contrarily to Apollo. Ancient Greek simply do explain that you can base action on passion, and thus there is passion in every tool or technology, robot, but Politics must dominate this passion. What Romantic nazis were unable too.

US-People do accept in their Aegyptian or Roman religion the fact that Religion is only concerning eating, pleasure, sex, and must obey to political order. Problem is that there is no difference between there politics and their religion. Is Obama a religious or a political Leader? Is dollar simply a way of making business or part of US-religion?

Next time I will speak about dreams and nightmare, religion or cinema are based on. Can they be premonitory? Is just 'Titanic' boring movie due to 'chance' as Ingeneers say? Can Nation through their Religious Art feel the Death coming? Why the majority of movies based on safe-sex allegory have no interest at all, but are just therapeutic, a.s.o.



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