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Satan rules USA

It is poor US-Citizens responsability to fight as much as they can for peace against US-Government need of war. Because they are the only one to be able to. When you are rich, you cannot think but just try to keep the money that strengthens weak people and makes their life an ugly mixing of terror and comfort. Money makes people run faster than Usain Bolt for same stupid reason than him.

If philosophers can say that money is as stupid as Life or Nature, it is because $ is protecting from the terror that $ is building. Female need male sex for same reason: she is weak. Lost is the country which citizens are afraid to be poor. It's an old country. 

Sometimes you can listen to someone who does explain that, because he was very poor in his first years, he does need money to feel better now. Truth is that his primary fear did not prevent him against the mirroring of money that will let him as weak as he was first. Foolish or weak people are experts at painting in brilliant colours what they imagine that could fill their black hole. And this is 99% 'art'. 'Abstract Art for cowards' writes French Louis-Ferdinand Céline, who was turning in the Capitalist Circus as a Tiger in his cage.

The weakest you are, the richest you need to be. Same for nations. The biggest they are, the most corrupted by money. It's biologic. This is the reason why Prophet Moses is condemning bad Jewish who praise the Golden Calf, or the reason why Jesus-Christ does doubt rich people to follow him an join the All-Saints-Camp. Because God is Strength, though a big State or money, which are made of the same bloody nature, can only as Satan share their power during a while.

The idea that God is word or language is coming from Liars; mostly latin clerks who are suckers and traitors as Shakespeare-Bacon does explain in his tragedies (two latin clerks making of Romeo a stupid bloody aristocrat, for instance). Because their own power came from language -as lawyers. But Jesus-Christ who gives us his experience of God tells us that 'What comes out people mouth is corrupting people, not what comes in' (Mat. XV-11) This enables Shakespeare to demonstrate that blood and language are both corrupted. This is why Roman Empire was Satanic: because it was under the law.

- I recently watched on a TV-Show a young US-Citizen who was taking advantage of this short time of Glory to threaten the World like this: 'Satan is my Master, and you will soon see how big his power is!' I am the last to mistake Satan's power Who is able to make Catholic clercks praise Him, in the name of God or Jesus-Christ.

Is she not said to be Christian, US Politicker Hillary Clinton who explained recently that it is not ethical to piss on a dead man but you can kill him? In the terrific silence of religious authority that did not notice that the confusion between peace and death is nazism or egyptian religion, but not Christian. And that every Christian who is using weapons or even put someone in jail is condemning himself (Rev. chap. XIII).

This young satanist is blind if he does not see that TV, theater and music are already showing the power of his God. But I doubt that Satan's power next explosion will prevent the devil's Gunners as for the A-Bomb before. Therefore I think US-Citizens praising Satan are closer to Jesus-Christ than many supposed to be US-Christian, whose abstract belief is hidding that they are their own God. The situation of Satanic people claiming against Christian people because they do not care charity or their own law prohibiting the use of weapons is not 'bizarre'. It is normal or legal.

Denying the power of the Devil when you are Christian is just as stupid as denying the power of the Nature, or being a 'Christian ecologist' (!). You can recognize this ignorance, not in Ancient Egyptians of course, who did properly understand their God and praised him better than Roman civilization, Germany or USA, but in the Jewish, Christian or Muslim for whom 'God is out the world', i.e. nowhere but in Banks or Paradisiac islands for rich people.

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