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health care system

  • Expert in Paris

    Would be 'Expert in USA-Policy and History' Nicole Bacharan for French State TV (depending from French governement) made me laugh, when she explained about the New Health-care Deal of Barack Obama that: 'US-people cannot tolerate the interference of the US-Government in their own private lives.'

    First of all: about Obama's New Deal, French people do know exactly its reason: guess why a Government must change its policy facing a big rate of unemployment that makes middle and law 'classes' more and more angry and less devoted to 'patriotic' values? French Prime Minister M. Rocard created a special income of 500$/month for jobless people eighteen years ago after the violent destroying of Unemployment State Agencies by rather small groups of unemployed angry people that the police was unable to fight with efficiency; money made the police. What are huge French Universities teaching History, Psychology or Law for free in every City made for?... if they are not waiting-rooms before unemployment? (Slow increasing of the National income and the unemployment rate is the key to understand the French Policy since 1970's until 2008.)

    Why is French society stronger than USA in the middle of the economic crisis? Juste because teachers are better cops than cops are.

    No doubt that the power of the State on US-Citizen life is stronger than Muslim priests interference on Citizen in Iran Republic. US-Government power on private life is so strong that it has even interference on Iran-Citizen or French-Citizen private lives, although the opposite is not true.

    Three facts prove the big interference of the US-Government on US-people:

    - US Hollywood movies or soaps can be summed-up in a big love song to every kind of cops, from the private one to the CIA-spy, the Irak-Robocop; even the US-Superman or Batman is helping cops! How long did it take to Clint Eastwood to understand he was just part of the US-Propaganda-Staffel? A life! My sisters are less naive.

    We can see on French TV channels belonging to the State or Banks that even US-Scientists are devoted to the Police ('The Experts', 'Numbers'...). Miss Bacharan should speak about these US reluctant Citizens to State invasion to... French cops, who do not go in some areas until they are less than hundred with their helmets and shields.

    - Twice: perfect organization in two big Republican and Democrat parties of US Policy, which does represent the 'Big Dream' of French bureaucracy, lawyers and politicians for twenty years ago after the first electoral victory of the independent French politician Le Pen. Shut up the minorities with such a tool is what French politician would like to do but they cannot. TV-Channels made the biggest part in this direction, and they of course are the strongest weapon of State with school to interfere in private life.

    - Last but not least: the first 'sexual revolution' happened in the USA, which is the best proof that nobody wants to change the Policy axis. One can guess in fact that 'Sexual Revolution' is not the kind of revolution that the Chinese military dictatorship is worried about. Not to say that Sex is -opposite to Art- the main obsession of citizens in Modern dictatorship, until the SM-sex which is 'practicing Sex with a law-book' (coming from Japan where liberty is not the more obvious thing).

    My first personal idea on USA when I walked in this 'would be Nation of Liberty' for the first time was that I was walking in Bade-Wurtemberg or Nordrhein-Wesphalen. After a few minutes a Cop asked me for my passport because I had crossed the street out of the stripes 'O my God'. Where the hell is this US private life that US-people are so afraid to lose? US-people have no private lifes, they have TV-shows.