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rolling stones

  • Rage on Pain

    "One good thing about music, when it hit you feel no pain." said Robert Marley. My favourite music is both Robert Marley's and German middle-age folk music, although I hate Mozart or the Rolling Stones for paederastic people out of Harvard or any kind of Business School.

    In the Satanic High School or Church I do prefer Adolf Hitler. Black who want to be White are the same than White who want to be Black. United Coloured Bastards.

    I am not against a few old Portuguese songs too.

    Of course Marley is wrong: there is pain in music, that you can turn in rage against the machine, but pain although. Music is alcohol or drug that you do not take if you have no pain. I am thinking about my friend Rastaman from Jamaica who is dreamin' about being Leonardo but cannot because of German beer and French wine.

    Before Robert Marley same idea of peaceful music was in Middle Age Monk's head. But what did he do against the Mechanics? Nothing.