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My Sexual Life



What helped me to get rid of sex is predictable constitution of women: both fantasy and annoyance in them, wich is exactly the smelling of Society or Monastery. In a word, they are Snails as Shakespeare says, going out when it is raining, staying home when it is hot. From the gastronomy to the spiral staircase is their spirit.

A World with Women only: that would be necessary for making the modern dictatorship easier. Not even a mannish man, who would brake the social pact between women. So the Confessor in a Nunnery, or the Psychiatrist in a rich family, united by inheritance.

I take this example of a sweet little girl I met. Young student with good education, working as a slut for buying her books and a few high-tech toys. Not common woman you can think. Though having the most ethical speech to justify her business.

Noblest idea of copulation is Pagan idea of 'Warrior's Rest'. And know what? This is probably the kind of copulation that lots of women themselves do prefer. Pitty for little boys following their Wife/Mom (especially those who were my friends).

(Sorry for those who are not interested by sex conversations; this is part of a chapter called 'My Sexual Life' that I am writting for a friend who is writting a book devoted to Frederic Nitche paederastic philosophy.)



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