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Desire for War




Good Reasons to continue to vote are mainly religious reasons now. French people who do not feel concerned by polls are cutted from the religion of their parents. Must have faith to believe in a Future full of new robots or movies that make your desire closer to its solution. This or War, where is there more entertainment for paederastic people?

Religion is what makes you believe in a dead body or a dream.


  • I totally agree with you. without faith it is impossible to live !!!

  • I live very well without this faith, Peggy, that one can call a 'dream' too. Let us say for instance that TITANIC IS AMERICAN DREAM.
    True sentence is: 'Without faith it is impossible to live... and die', because faith is not a one way but two ratio; dreams are always made of life and dead or sex.
    But you are on the good way to understand why there is no difference between most French Atheists and most USA Christians.

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