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Mimesis & Monkeys

The Monkey or the Egyptian Baboon is the symbol of basic Politics -let us say 'Ethics'. At a moral level as say artists like Aristotle or Bacon, there is no difference between the 'animal-animal' and the 'human-animal'. The Cat for example is very Ethical: that is why young Maiden love cats so much.

Think about 'memory' for example, which is the lowest level of understanding, made entirely with informations: You can check that monkeys, cats, dogs, very old people have a lot memory, or dummies proud of having high IQ (that is measuring people understanding, as people would be monkeys or robots! It is the way to measure little kids understanding in today dictatorship too, and to make them later good matrix-fuckers.) A bee does need acurate memory to find the way back. Babies have very powerful memory, a.s.o...

It is smart from Bacon to understand that there is something common in little kids understanding and oldest people, close to death. Due to animal behaviour of Politics, you can thus understand why Politics or Civilizations at the end are close to Civilizations at the begining: Roman Orgy at the End, for instance, and Tribe's organization that fascinated stupid French Levi-Strauss as young maid is fascinating old German moralist, at the begining.


Take the Tree as the symbol of Politics, its Organization and the Generation principle (Nazis took the Oak-tree as the symbol of their Dictatorship, due to Pagan symbol of the Oak): each new branch is similar to former one and seem to be a copy. Generation is poetry and reproducing (You have here the reason why Poetry is so close to Peasantry and Paganism). For Pagan people, including nazism and liberalism, Soul is organic and Soul can survive, be ethernal. Understand the use of music and existentialism in nazism or modern dictatorship? You feel as a note of a big partition that seem 'united' but is nothing real.

To make the Monkey the Ancestor of men and convince people of this, as fast as it was made by the Propaganda, it was necessary to be in Pagan religion before, that is putting the Politics and the 'imitation' ('mimesis') very high.

In Artist vision of Aristotle or Bacon which is wider than Politics/Religion understanding, there are two different 'mimesis'; first one is the political or moral one: when you imitate your Parents until you are seven (supposed to be 'age of self-understanding'), or if you learn how to paint with me just as a Monkey which is the faster method at the begining. And then beyond Ethics or beyond 'motion', imitation of the Nature itself, which is the subject of Aristotle's or Bacon's 'induction', that makes artists free from Politics as children are from their parents after seven when not victims of sexual abuse, i.e. free from Time.

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