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A few years ago, bad book of Johnatan Littell ('The Kindly Ones') was celebrated in France by official critics that sucks. It won the French Pulitzer prize 'Goncourt'. Due to smart advertising, this book was very well sold, though it was very heavy and expensive.

I was very surprised to see so many people in bookstores for Christmas, buying this boring book religiously. I was thinking: 'Hey, why don't they buy the Bible to read something interesting one time in their life?' I must admit there are boring chapters in the Bible, especially the clergymen's, but prophet Daniel's story is contrarily very interesting, and you cannot understand Bacon-Shakespeare's books without reading prophet Daniel.

Do not trust anybody who does tell you that Shakespeare's book are not about Revelation. Check it by yourself. In spiritual matters, always act like Hamlet in Elsinore Castle as if the danger was everywhere around you. Do not even trust your parents, your fiancée, the priests, official wisdom, mathematics, laws of the Kingdom... or just be part of the matrix.

About Littell's book again: I doubt that a lot of people did really read it. It is well known that French men, like Italian men, do not read at all but women. And in fact, I am not interested myself in romantic literature or theater, opera either. Best books in XXth are those which are not romantic.

And Littell was trying to make a book about History. If you know a woman who is interested in History and not Religion, a woman who broke up with her mother and does not see her everywhere, be sure that you found a very uncommon person.

Other surprise was about 'politically correct', the religion of modern landlord-who-has-no-land. Gay pride is more recent in France than in the US. Dividing People into different Consumer Parties is not very French. Not every French gay will accept that you speak to him as if he was a dick.

But politically correct is very useful for the medias, to make people believe that politickers are interested in ethics, more than 'in the butter and the ass of the dairy-keeper with it' as we say in France.

And there was no reaction to Littell's theory that the typical German nazi was gay. 'Gay pride' was probably in holiday at this Time. This is exactly what big Will is explaining: 'Politically correct' or 'Ethics' that was everywhere, in a second can vanish as love that you had for this girl or this guy. Because they are governed by Property and its Defence only. And for Shakespeare, Devil's manoeuvre in the Dark does consist in destroying love by the way of property.

Do understand why women mostly do hate History: because it is made for destroying every kind of landlord's religion, under the mask of 'Ethics'.

Understand why German nazis had a great 'Culture' as Littell does underline: because they had no History like USA.

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