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  • Brave New old World

    The authorship of New secular Christianism is sometimes alloted by Scholars to English Scientist Francis Bacon Verulam (XVIIth).
    No doubt that there is an attempt in Bacon's Theology to make true catholicism, i.e. 'universal' in the Greek understanding of 'catholic'. But was Bacon even as naive as Dante Alighieri about a neutral posture of the State toward Churches? Probably not. Most of Bacon's Theology is about the bad mixing of politics, philosophy, science, ethics and theology that was making the gospels the property of a few clerks at the end of the Renaissance.

    I heard recently Swiss lobbyist Jean Ziegler on French TV giving the advise to last Pope Benedictus XVIth to give up the Catholic clerks' celibacy: is this new Christianism wished by Bacon? No, this is proving that Ziegler, although he is a rather intelligent lobbyist fighting against poor people Slavery organized by International Industry, Z. has no idea about Christianism that he is translating into a dim Socianism (It is therefore funny that Ziegler is quoting stupid German old fashioned philosopher Theodor Adorno as J. Ratzinger himself.)
    US Theocracy with religious leader Obama after Bush does not correspond to Bacon's idea either.

    Close to Bacon is Karl Marx, that is to say opposite to Brave New World in which we are. Scientific Progress in both Marx or Bacon view has nothing to do with Time religion of Einstein or Planck; communist progress cannot be splitted up from individual freedom.
    It took four centuries to capitalists States since Bacon to concentrate the power and the economy for the benefit of a few gangsters under the hypocrite mask of 'liberalism' that can only abuse a few paederastic hypocondriac cow-boys like Clint Eastwood now in Copland-USA.