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  • Résistance active

    Pour contribuer à l'esprit de résistance active des Français, en particulier les plus jeunes, à la corruption extrême de leurs élites politiques, religieuses, morales, artistiques et scientifiques, cet article dans le fanzine "Au Trou" sur l'Argent et l'Etat - en quoi ils se complètent et constituent un pan incliné vers la barbarie.

  • Why Politics kills History

    Pull Politics out off History and you will have Progress. Nazi's or liberal explanation of History is G.W. Hegel's one, that is History explained on the basis of political faith and reason.

    Last step: after having killed the Progress, Politicians and those who suck it will say: Progress does not exist but in Utopia. Nazism is Social Security Progress. Let the State take care of your progress, eat Steven Spielberg soaps whilst.

    I want to take a French example to illustrate why History is nothing less than the Enemy of the State (and of the Church when it was powerful as the State.)

    Georges Bernanos ('France against Robots') is author of this historical sentence written in 1948:

    "There was intelligence with the enemy, but this intelligence was lie.

    There was resistance to the enemy, but this resistance was another lie.

    There was victory, that one did not dare name 'Victory', because of some decency, but 'Liberation'.

    And this 'Liberation' was a lie too, and the biggest one...

    Liars you did not free France, but it is France that, day after day, with the help of Grave-diggers, is freeing itself of you!"

    ('Biggest Fraud in History', January 7th, 1948)

    G. Bernanos was rather well informed about politics and politicians of his time. It is possible not to be agree with this -I do personnally esteem that there is less decency in the word 'Liberation' than in the word 'Victory', but the point is not here. The fact is that in a France where censorship does not officially exist, this sentence cannot be published in newspapers or quoted in TV-shows. Sexual tricky habit of any member of the government is hundred time less dangerous to publish in the mass-medias.

    French -and as proud as Bernanos to be- philosopher Simone Weil who did know de Gaulle and his friends as well as Bernanos, had similar opinion as unpublishable. And it would be wrong to think that recent History is logically more difficult than old one: the case of French Napoleon, as criminal as Hitler was but who is although praised in France by many beotian is there to prove that Politics is dreaming of the destruction of History, piece by piece with the help of movie makers.

    ["Il y a eu des collaborateurs mais la collaboration était un mensonge.

    Il y a eu des résistants, mais la résistance était un autre mensonge.

    Il y a eu la victoire, qu'on n'a tout de même pas osé appeler Victoire, par un reste de pudeur, mais libération.

    Et cette libération était aussi un mensonge, et le plus grand de tous...!

    Menteurs, vous n'avez pas libéré la France, c'est la France qui, avec l'aide du fossoyeur, jour après jour se libère de vous."

    In : 'La plus grande escroquerie de l'Histoire.']