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  • French attacks

    Why is that easier to recognize Luciferian principles in US-Theocracy from France? Because France was under the same bloody religion with king Louis XIVth yesterday.

    Believe there are less satanic symbols in Versailles Baroque art than in the Empire State Building or Mickaël Jackson's music, German's svastika? Water element, symmetry of the cemetery, gallery of glasses, tritons and Neptune's water music, babylonian gardens, ditches full of dead bodies, fascination of today US-millionnaires or Japanese little kids ready to go to the Inferno, following Hamelin's pipe player... nothing is lacking to the stuff.

    Entirely devoted to Apollyon's divine worship is Versailles Palace. XVIIth century is the century of mass-murderers in scarlet or purple dresses: Mazarin, Richelieu, disciples of Wolsey-the-butcher whose destiny is to be devoured by the king their puppet at the end. Elisabeth, Napoleon: they do not need a traitor anymore to translate Apollyon's orders. Traitor is always bad treated by his master as Sganarelle does.

    French history teaches it. Or borrow Shakespeare's Perspicacity, best weapon against British perfidy.