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Shocking Civilizations

Do US people love the France of Versailles and Louis XIVth? Or the one of the Revolution and Robespierre? Question is not so stupid as USA is supposed to be a democratic nation and illustrate the new modern citizenship -Freedom-Ladies-and-Gentlemen! Obviously USA-Nation has everything to do with Versailles' Great Time from which its Science, Art, Religion (and maybe even its pornography) is issued.

Comparing worshiping king of France Louis XIVth, supposed to be nothing less than a human God or the son of the Sun, with worshiping President Obama, one must say that the worldwide love for Obama is more superstitious (Though the French press suck our Government and State as much as they can, a few journalists were rather surprised by the ask of Obama's wife to open Parisian Shopping Paradise on Sunday when she came with her husband, children and bodyguards. 'What's that? Sunday is Monday now and Shopping religion the religion of every day?' Hypocrisy is essential virtue to be a good French journalist, with a rather big diploma in ignorance.)

Devotion for Louis XIVth is kept by the Versailles stylish furniture or gardening, but cruaulty of diseases and starvings, especially when they were caused by the king wars, makes the comparison between the devotion of any African people today for their President or Dictator more adequate. The popular love for Louis XIVth grand-grand-son Louis XVth who was a better king, more pacific, suddenly turned into hate for almost no concrete reason.

Obama is just a picture on TV of the nice guy every mother wants her son to look like, speeching the Harvard language whiter than George Bush dark slang, with the Nobel Peace Prize in his pocket that will no doubt impress God himself (speciality of Nobel Swedish Jurors is to give prizes to mass murdering tools as they did fresh with Princeton crazy engineers using Black Jack rules to calculate profits after German bishops blessing Atom -"Thu are atoms and thu will turn into atoms later.")

Therefore the French Revolution or the English one never happened in France or England countries themselves but only in Bacon's or Voltaire's thoughts; exactly as Karl Marx' willing to get rid of the State Anarchy is not real yet.


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