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Inglorious Politics

French Politicians and Press are talking and talking about the 'Caution principle' that was crated to limit the risks caused by Capitalistic Economy that has the irresponsibility principle in its heart. Same but more efficient is the US Judicial system.

This Paradox of both irresponsibility and security is essential to understand Liberalism. Of course the Money itself is made of the same contradiction, which is the Game paradox too (let's say the 'Black Jack Paradox' because I am Christian.)

This was difficult for Press and TV, Networks, to hide this irresponsability recently because of the Big Earthquake that occurred, which opened many French eyes on the Incapacity of the 'five hundred families' that do rule their country. One can may be find an explanation in the French difference in the fact that French Economy, as it is based a lot on Touring, is less dependent on big industries. French President Sarkozy, who is working for French Industrial trusts is aware of this and would like to develop French Industry... in 2010! Inglorious basterds that keep the State in their hands do dare calling this 'liberalism' and speak about liberty. Do they think people are stupid as Monkeys?


The 'Caution principle' is of course useless remedy, and French bankers and their journalists are joking about it. It does not change anything in the Capitalist economy; but don't be wrong, though their jokes they are the stupidest capitalists. 'Caution principle' is made to make common people believe that the State and its law is protecting them, which is an essential religion that modern soft dictatorship* cannot get rid of, especially when there is high unemployment level.

Karl Marx, joining the Christian rage against Society, already was thinking at his Time that Socialism and Sociology were the most wile in liberalism. Leftwing capitalists are smarter than conservatives, with exceptions as Margaret Thatcher in Great Britain. One can compare conservative liberalism (Bush) and social liberalism (Obama) with two Shopkeepers. First one wants 'the butter and the money of it' (French proverb); second one knows he has to waste a little peace of butter not to see his Shop broken by angry people. Second one is the best Shopkeeper.

*Soft dictatorship which is in Europa or USA allows Violence in Asia, Africa or South-America.

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