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Club Misogyne Paris





It is because Paederasty is Liberal Politics Sexual Way of Life (Gay people are not far away from Robots); and because Women do suck Politics that the 'Club Misogyne Paris' was created to think different.

Capitalist pigs go to Slaughter House with big Confidency in Satan their God.


  • Pourquoi est-ce que les pédés sont comme les robots?

  • Do you really believe THINK DIFFERENT is about you? "Here’s to the crazy ones. The rebels. The troublemakers. The ones who see things differently. While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do". Ha-ha-ha....
    Unfortunately, THINK POOR should be more appropriate...
    Here's to the poor ones. Impotents. They tell the world is mother-fuckering... But they haven't got the guts to do change it... Just hate!

  • The more you hate the world, the more you love human people.
    Orchestral manoeuvre in the Dark is nazism way of life, a merchant's idea that is included in American Dream. I do not doubt one minute that American Dream is more seducing than I am. But choosing between Jesus or Time is always Liberty.
    Are you afraid to go to Hell... alone? Do not be. Do not think that Inferno is something else than dust.

  • Pourquoi est-ce que les pédés sont comme des robots :
    - parce que ce sont tous les deux des êtres hypermoraux ;
    - parce que ce sont tous les deux des produits politiques ;
    - contrairement à ce que certains charlatans prétendent, les robots n'ont pas d'intelligence à proprement parler, mais un quotient intellectuel, une fonctionnalité, un potentiel, une mémoire ; l'assimilation frauduleuse de l'intelligence à la mémoire, on la retrouve dans la littérature pédérastique de Proust, Sartre ou Nitche, et ça n'a rien d'un hasard ; pourquoi ? Le miroir (psyché) est mémoire. Or c'est la forme primitive d'intelligence, animale ; celle du petit enfant par exemple, qui engrange des informations avec une capacité surprenante, rendue nécessaire par sa survie.
    Non seulement la pédérastie ne se réduit pas à l'attirance pour le sexe identique, mais elle ne diffère pas des autres types de folie où on retrouve toujours la dissociation du corps et de l'âme. Contrairement à ce qui est souvent répété, le pédéraste se caractérise par son excédent d'âme ; c'est son corps que le pédéraste méprise. L'aliénation du corps, qu'elle soit tribale et primitive ou capitaliste et moderne, traduit à n'en pas douter une oppression politique très forte.

  • "The more you hate the world, the more you love human people."
    so damned true! I use to put it down that way:
    the more you love the world the more you hate your neighbour. Long ago I happened to mingle around with swedes; that people love humanity, as we do believe in the centre of Europe (France especially in love with this disciplined folk). They're going to be the leader of a rising sun. Then they drink their head off to forget that the the sun is going to rise as well for the ones they hate (the fucking identical ones around them, their neighbour. To quote bob Marley: they think they're living in heaven but in vino veritas they know they're in hell. (Didn't you know Robert Marley loved red wine, Alex? Ask the Rabbit about it, red wine! what would be the world without red wine?)
    Not only did Jesus changed the water into wine, he made it Burgoundy. You can imagine how happy was the guests after that miracle. When you're born in France you have the grand choice between Bordeaux and bourgogne unless you're born in one of those two places.
    seriously the choice is to say amen or fuck off to God. Then saying Amen to God is saying fuck off to the kingdom on earth. And from what I've read and heard around me for the past thirty years, apart from the liars who're saying amen to the world for a stinking salary, I heard a lot of fuck off from men of good will. Now, to quote Marley again : two thousand years of history can't be wipe away so easily.

  • Who are your human people? The human or people? I don't understand.
    You know, Hitler was the second Jesus. No difference. His coming was the second coming of Christ. "Orchestral manoeuvre in the Dark", is it really your point of view on the Nazi ideas. Well, primitive, I'd say...
    Both of them (Hitler and Christ) came to help people to take a dare to the world created by God for these beloved human beings. No fear no hate.... Song for those who don't want to be an impotent.
    As to the American Dream, your idea is a little bit wrong. "We have no more right to consume happiness without producing it than to consume wealth
    without producing it" –George B. Shaw - it's an explanation.

  • - No doubt that nazism is no extraordinary Liberalism. German Industry did not have enough power to make the world applaud its Heroe as USA Industry for Obama and its 500.000 $ whitewashing.
    It's History against your own jokes, Alex: no extraordinary liberalism was nazism.

    - Therefore the hapiness you are talking about is Entertainment or Music with sadness inside. There is no happiness in the Gospels but a sword against Politics that gives no fruits anymore.

  • I didn't make any joke in fact... Hate is fear. As far as I know you are an admirer of Simone Weil so you should be agree with this statement. It's for your misogyny (true I concede that you read your own thoughts into the meaning of misogyny...)
    As to your statement that Nazism is liberalism... I don't agree but I don't call your point of view in question. I don't see any difference between Christianity, Nazism or communism. So much blood has been shed for... Lenin, Hitler, Jesus... same methods, same organizations, same goals...
    As to your attempts to critisize poor politicians, you know it's like to critisize a performance of any actor. Do you really believe that they (I mean politicians) play any role in History? Obama or Bush or Sarcozy... do you see any real difference?
    Do you really think that a semi-literate teacher of drawing Hitler or iliterate peasant Jesus could win the world and tell people how to live or what will happen to them? By the way, the prophecies of Hitler were much more real than the ones of Jesus...
    As soon as the person capable to understand the sense of our life comes, our world will cease to exist...

  • - I admire Simone Weil when she is close to Karl Marx and Greek materialism, explaining that Max Planck Science is pure bullshit.
    I do agree that hate is coming from fear as sex does too; one can add that both intelligence and the body are not involved in sex and hate. They both are the more mathematical or musical operations.
    - Did somewhere Jesus praised the political progress? He is always talking against Politics and this is the reason why a majority of Jewish are hating Him and condemned Him to death. Because you say a turtle is a phoenix that makes this turtle a phoenix? No, that is why you are joking.
    Nazism or Liberalism are contrarily political utopias; dream of animal evolution, Reich of thousand years under the swastika/infinite symbol. Marx and Engels know -better than S. Weil on this point- that Politics is against Truth from ever, and Truth is against Politics.

  • I agree that Nazism and liberalism are utopias as well as Christianity. Everybody is ready to swallow a nasty medicine to reduce the pain... You don't like pain, do you?
    Don't you think that Jesus was a politician too? Are you a still living listener of what he was talking about? I don't think that St. John the Divine spoke French or English or any language known to you. But I know very well that after him a lot of politicians (or theologists) reread and revised what he'd said (if had been).
    Nazi dead head is Adam's head... According to the legend, at the foot of Calvary there was the grave of the first man...

  • - Did not say about liberalism or nazism they are 'utopias' only but 'political utopias' ; reason why Marx is not against Christianity: he is not praising Politics but Science and truth, art AGAINST Politics which has been detroyed the Art. Where stupid Max Planck or A. Einstein are coming from with their bad music? From Politics.
    - Are you trying to tell me that there are bad theologians and not only good theologians? That's just what I am explaining here, that Pope Benedictus XVIth socialism has nothing to do with the Gospels and that, as Simone Weil said, society is nothing else than the territory of the Devil.

  • Society is you and Simone Weil and Pope and me...
    If you read K. Marx's unpublished letters or were a witness of his private talks for example, who knows, you'd change your point of view. Some of his works can't be read without his commentary. The works published are commercial...
    Have you read the Revelation of St. John the Divine written by him? In the original? (joke).
    Idola of Bacon... Garbling...
    Simone Weil is a worse sinner than any atheist... She believed that she was at a shorter way to God than others...

  • - Society is everybody that is why it is nobody. Or : soul is nothing without some body but a Ghost (Christian people should never take the risk to serve two masters.)

    - I do not believe Simone Weil was shorter way than Bacon is. Seing God 'face to face' is Christian charity's way, what is difficult to understand when you are not. Sin is to speak or think instead of God, to charge him of the suffering although it is the devil's opera.

    - New Atheism (-1600) cannot be understood out the Christianity. Roman Lucrece (kind of) atheism is very different: he did not believed in human people at all but did in God. Today atheism is the opposite. In liberalism or nazism, people do not believe in God but in the Human people and Society (I must admit that, contrarily to Lucrece idea, new atheism sounds crazy for me).

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