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Gospels don't sing

Motherfucker does like music -son of anarchy does mistake it. Anarchy and music? Why not drug and anarchy? School and anarchy? More teachers!?

Behind mass-murderers, or even the little serial-killer, you can find the music principle. And if musicians were not those hypocrits, they would praise Hitler as the best conductor of its generation! As the 1936's Olympic Games were a hit! It is not proven that Jewish are sub-human, but music fanatics are, in the physical sense.

As a Christian and a French guy (if you cross a French who does love music or mathematics, he is a fake one, probably one of those Italian motherfuckers), I have been impressed for a long time by the deep understanding of Satan's code that music players have. I remember this US-music when I was younger by Kurt Cobain: because they hate life and brake their satanic instruments, rockn'roll singers are closer to Christian people than stupid pagan praising life to seduce and fuck their neighbors easily. There was a baby on the cover-disk; this was brilliant from Cobain to make the link between his suicide-appeal and a sub-human. Nirvana of Music fanatics is indeed their mother. '1/The motherfucker, 2/the suicide and 3/the happiness or Nirvana, 4/the music', everything was there about the Slavery or the matrix-system.

Of course, in Modern Times, the most satanic as Shakespeare does explain it, is the Christian music: playing satanic music 'in the name of the Gospels'. A. Hitler was too frank or to stupid to understand it. United-Kingdom gave US-German culture this lesson. But Shakespeare is painting this world as a Hell, where Music is just a pill for people who are not courageous enough to commit suicide at once. 

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