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  • Gospels don't sing

    Motherfucker does like music -son of anarchy does mistake it. Anarchy and music? Why not drug and anarchy? School and anarchy? More teachers!?

    Behind mass-murderers, or even the little serial-killer, you can find the music principle. And if musicians were not those hypocrits, they would praise Hitler as the best conductor of its generation! As the 1936's Olympic Games were a hit! It is not proven that Jewish are sub-human, but music fanatics are, in the physical sense.

    As a Christian and a French guy (if you cross a French who does love music or mathematics, he is a fake one, probably one of those Italian motherfuckers), I have been impressed for a long time by the deep understanding of Satan's code that music players have. I remember this US-music when I was younger by Kurt Cobain: because they hate life and brake their satanic instruments, rockn'roll singers are closer to Christian people than stupid pagan praising life to seduce and fuck their neighbors easily. There was a baby on the cover-disk; this was brilliant from Cobain to make the link between his suicide-appeal and a sub-human. Nirvana of Music fanatics is indeed their mother. '1/The motherfucker, 2/the suicide and 3/the happiness or Nirvana, 4/the music', everything was there about the Slavery or the matrix-system.

    Of course, in Modern Times, the most satanic as Shakespeare does explain it, is the Christian music: playing satanic music 'in the name of the Gospels'. A. Hitler was too frank or to stupid to understand it. United-Kingdom gave US-German culture this lesson. But Shakespeare is painting this world as a Hell, where Music is just a pill for people who are not courageous enough to commit suicide at once. 

  • Celine and Churches





    Quoted two times by French Louis-Ferdinand Celine in a compilation of his letters is Karl Marx analysis that 'Jewish are freeing themselves when Christian people are becoming Jewish.' Remembering Voltaire who was complaining at his Time about the Jesuit and Jansenist Parties that made a kind of Jewish Church with the Catholic one.

    Remembering young Simona Weil too, who did not want to belong to Catholic Church because she thought that Christian people committed the same mistakes than Jewish people in Old Testament until the murdering of Jesus whom she was trusting after a communist youth.

    Today Roman Church in France is nothing more than an old Relic, helped by the French Government because of tourism, and which does interest only young maiden looking for gay husbands (those are probably the best). It is more acurate to say that this Church is 'Genital' than 'Jewish'. With last German Pope, Jewish character of Catholic Church was more obvious because of his interest in old latin rites. The kind of old Catholics that one can see in Paris yet, living together as much as possible, very conservative (you can even find some who are praising the coming back of a King!), are those who are looking the more Jewish out.

    Though Roman Church is an old woman now and Capitalist Politics destroyed the Economy of rich countries those last fifty years, without stopping to steal foreign wealth in Africa or Asia (including Human wealth),  those people supposed to be with Jesus and Poors, not even are able to notice that Jesus-Christ has been murdered by Clercks and Magistrates, and that it is not impossible that Human History is made of the same steps than Jesus life himself was.

  • Sucking Poets

    Four years ago US-Writter Johnatan Littell got the major French book prize 'Goncourt' for a book in (a very bad) French ("Les Bienveillantes", 2006). I am the first to recognize that 'style' is the make-up of art, but the funny part of this story was to observe that a Prize which is almost entirely devoted to entertaining and stylate litterature for grand-mothers and christmas gifts was given to this big book on ww2 (It is a current joke in France that no good writter ever got this Goncourt-Prize which has been without exception given to 'writters-that-suck'.) It is not new that the bullshit that enable publishers to live makes author die.

    Due to some Jewish obsession to summarize History into a Jewish problem and so destroy Historical studies*, French press and TV almost coerced French customers to buy Littell's book because of its subject (75% of books are bought in France by women, whose religious attitude is determining the success of a book; every blockbuster must be seen through this prisma. As a man I was bored by long sado-masochist descriptions added to the military life description. Is there any subject more boring in art than sex except soldiers and their military life? Subtle poets know that sex and soldiers are comic subjects about which only secretaries talk about seriously).

    A bizarre shock happened between two main religious today dogmas: Jewish dogma against Gay dogma. As Littell makes his main sadistic nazi anti-heroe a paederastic one, insisting on the incestuous part of his sexuality, the question was: what kind of dogma would be the strongest? Jewish or Gay? I must admit that thanks to Littell I was interested in this Goncourt Prize for the first and probably last time of my life.

    Theory of Littell is in fact not far away from what you can deduce of the reading of the French Marquis de Sade himself, whose devotion to sex cannot be separated from his devotion to politics. Sade is for sure the French philosopher who is the closer to nazi's revolution and Nietszche.

    My idea is rather different from Littell's one and that is the reason why I do think he is just an hypocrite. Sado-masochism is not the consequence of nazism but of liberalism. Karl Marx would no doubt have seen in Hitler's politics a regular liberalism, due to marxist historical method to examinate any kind of politics under its economical machinery first of all.

    French author Pierre Drieu La Rochelle (still censored in France or published with a preface to prevent people to share DLR's opinion!), who was seduced by nazism before the war like Ezra Pound or English Evelyn Waugh were by Mussolini, as soon as they went into Paris, Drieu La Rochelle was disappointed by nazis, recognizing in them ordinary capitalists although he was hoping that Hitler would change liberalism into an honest politics.

    *The most shocking effect of the Jewish obsession about ww2 in France is this idea that Napoleon Ist, because he did not made anything against Jewish, was not a butcher as Hitler, although the cruelty of Napoleon's orders was may be more terrific than nazi's cruelty. No need to say that Napoleon did not have the same opportunity to provoke popular electorate against Jewish like Hitler did.

  • Society is the Mass-Murderer

    In most paederastic nations such as Japan, USA or Germany, consequence is that women have more temper than men. Is that the reason why you can walk across a town in the USA during a day without seeing any beautiful girl, which is for a French or an European guy rather confusing?

    Even French Christian Free-Mason* J. de Maistre (1753-1821) must admit it after Ancient Philosophy: politics is of female gender. In general, Jewish or Christian politician try to hide this point because of the link between Eva and the generation plantain tree, the political principle -that one can find in the Greek myth too where Pandora is sex, the sand on which political architecture is grounded.

    Throughout J. de Maistre one can understand that Feminism is not praising Women but Politics behind the religious feminist slogan. In a supposed to be feminist nation like USA, more than 200.000 women from Eastern Europe have been reduced in slavery by porn industry in less than fifteen years; millions of US-women have to pronounce every year -sometimes alone- the death penalty because they are pregnant -for social reasons.

    Social murdering is in fact better accepted by paederastic men and women because they need the State protection as kids need their matrix protection.

    One can notice that there is something too in paederastic or female gender, excited by politics or society, that makes murder easier (Nazism was nothing else than a frank 'Liberalism' and except stupid theory of Darwin, there is nothing new in Nazism compared to classic Liberalism.): soul stand more for women than the body does, contrarily to men who do trust more the body. I never met in fact a 'real man' who was believing that religious theory of S. Freud was something else than female religion.

    In each murderer, especially the one who is the more obviously mad or possessed ('Melancholia' is satanic possession for Christian people as the 'Melancholia' engraving of A. Durer does explain it.) there is a blind mathematician. In other words, the murderer does not see the body but only the mathematical soul. Murder is a social behaviour that remain us that in primitive dictatorship the king was regularly sacrified as a calf, which was may be more human.

    *Atheist masonic principles of XIXth are just derivating from Christian masonic principles of Baroque Time which J. de Maistre was regreting, unable to understand that atheism was the politics' faith and reason (He just should have read the New Testimony!). But there is sincerity in J. de Maistre like in nazism -may be more- and he is usefully seeing both Shakespeare and Francis Bacon as his ennemies.