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Against Ellul

- That Christian Churches betrayed Jesus-Christ was not only observed by J. Ellul or M. Luther, but many other Christian artists such as K. Marx, William Shakespeare or Francis Bacon, Rabelais, Dante, John Wyclif, Molière, Emmanuel Swedenborg, Balzac... careful readers of the Gospels.

- Critics by Ellul of Karl Marx were surprising for me, because Marx destroyed the hegelian/nazi modern ethics based on legal science, and Marx does condemn Christian clerks who introduced legal science in the Roman Church. What is legal science for Jewish or Christian people but the AEgyptian science?

- Shakespeare/Bacon did probably make the best critics.

- Are Christian 'feminists' as Ellul says when Jewish were before the most misogynist? Every society or civilization is living under a female principle. As Christian people do see Society as Hell, they no doubt beware as Jewish before the female principle.

- Condemning Mohammedan people is rather useless. The pure satanic religion is the AEgyptian one. The Civilization that has got the best rate, 666/666 in Astronomy. Are Mohammedan people from this religion, as Plato for instance, nazi Hegel, Einstein, Freud, Carl Jung? This is the good question. More than every satanic religion, wealth is condemned by Jesus-Christ as a major barrier to spirituality.

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