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  • Protestantism... of Satan?




    Protestantism is for some Sociologists the Matrix of Capitalism; obviously they did not read German Luther, Dutch Erasmus or English Francis Bacon. Condemning Speculation M. Luther is not different from Catholic Dante Alighieri; that makes today Catholic Pope more 'Protestant' -in the sociologist idea- than Luther himself!

    This problem allows to understand two points:

    -First one is that Marxism is opposite to Sociology;

    -Second one is that Sociology is not a Science but a Religion;


    - Marxist History against Sociology, because Protestantism is the consequence of Capitalism, not its Inspiration or Cause. As a result, there is no big difference between Protestantism and Roman catholicism today. Divisions are coming from Politics and the Hypocrisy of the clerks is to deny it.

    Did Luther intended to make the religion of German bankers, insurance Officers, Auditors or Lawyers? Of course not, though he committed the big mistake to ask for the help of some Prince.

    Good question is: what is so useful for Politicians and Bankers in Protestantism that made this religion puted on by rich nations after they defeated Catholic Church? First thing, easy to understand, is that Protestantism is based on Ethics and is an 'out of History' Christianity. Puritanism was the door opened to the State religion which became the most common religion though Christian people cannot serve two Masters. Capitalist gangsters have so 'Ethics' in their mouth as kids have chewing-gums in their.

    Therefore Protestantism is, as French Jansenism does, the coming back to old Soul System which is the best for one dictatorship. That is why French Moliere made of Jansenism, this Christian free-masonic idea the Devil's religion with deep understanding that tells me he probably read Shakespeare. Human Pyramid -as a goal of every kind of Theocracy or fiendish Politics, dictatorship can be made if only you are changing people in souls, that is to say little cells.


    - Sociology is a religion then, because it is taking Capitalism as a Necessary turn of History (exactly as Theory of History in the nazism of G.W.F Hegel does). 'Capitalism is because it had to be'. This is not History but Mathematics. To make the link with Satan here: this kind of explanation (latin explanation because it is the 'mutatis mutandis' explanation) was qualified by Marx as a Philosophical or Esoteric one. Sociology has grown up on Nazism, not on Marxist History.

    Therefore Sociology seems to be entirely made for hiding this truth that Capitalist Economy is a static one and that "the stronger central Poweis, the stronger capitalism is too", along capitalist History. Greek Nation is going bankrupt as a regular Bank, asking the help of other Bankers after themselves asked the help of some States a few month before. Economy is not really teached in Business Schools but a kind of Religion. But most important is that common people must not understand the Game.

    *Portrait is of Joseph de Maistre by Valotton, example of a Christian typical free-mason not far away from German Leibniz or English Isaac Newton, G.W.F. Hegel, this kind of Christianity that is the Matrix of nazism, devotion for Politics checking the truth that one cannot serve two Masters at the same Time.