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  • Jefferson against War

    In three quotes:

    1. 'Conquest is not in our principles. It is inconsistent with our government.'

    This first quote indicates that USA are grounded on the most satanic principle: best wishes. Nobody who is from the Spirit and not from the Law can blame Hitler, Bush or Obama to be devoted to conquest. It is their pagan destiny. There is no peace coming from government in Christianity or even Jewish law, THAT IS NOT NATURAL. Conquest, does explain Shakespeare-Bacon the great Christian Saint, is in every day life, portrayed under the Diana-Moon figure in Greek Wisdom. And it is historical that United Kingdom, since Shakespeare, never stopped falling down. English Traitors today wonder if they will betray USA or Europa.

    2. 'An enemy generally says and believes what he wishes.'

    This is less wrong. But it is better to understand that you are generally your own enemy, due to the fact that you believe what you wish. Economy is just 'believing what you whish'. 'American Dream' is the enemy of every US people. And that is why Karl Marx after Shakespeare does think History througout the veil of Economy or Religion.

    3. 'Advertisments contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper.'

    At this point, Jefferson seems to start thinking at last. After Jefferson guns and weapons are in the Constitution, remaining Hunting obsession of stupid English Aristocracy. But not newspapers and TV's, that do come in fact from same obsession. You have here the explanation why fachist Ezra Pound is the best US-thinker, coming back to Jefferson or Dante architectural inspiration. USA play chess under the Moon now. Free yourself from this Game, which is nothing but Satan's play.