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  • US-Dream to Hell

    'American Dream': this motto is enough to see USA from France as an Eastern Nation, closer to India than England or France.

    Stupid US-Writter Johnatan Littell is arguing that because German nazis were better educated than Yankees do today (this is no scoop), education is useless.

    Truth would be to tell people that Nazism was Capitalism, a remake of Roman Empire or Egyptian one. Capitalism for young men when Economics does not work. Hitler was the link between German Industry and poor popular classes that were disgusted by Economic Leaders.


    In France, the difference between Roman and Greek, and mainly the fact that classical art cannot be mixed with business and economics, has been hidden by Republican culture and clerks as much as possible. Music and Architecture are not 'classical'.

    Idea of Art as a religion, i.e. music or culture, is Roman, Nazi, but not Greek; Greek greatest philosophers are aware of the danger for art in the hands of the Government to become just religion, theater or mathematics. K. Marx is not new on this point.

    Of course, because of the Revelation, Christian do not trust Politics either, due to the fact that this text is underlining the dark side of Politics in History.

    'Happiness' is not more Greek than it is Christian, due to realistic view of Politics and Society. Same mistake is made by German nazi F. Nitche in the name of the devil: Christianity is not happy, has nothing to do with Architecture or Civilization (See Lucifer next to Architecture tools by A. Dürer); Nitche is true on this point, which is obvious. But he is wrong to believe that Greek did not share this realistic view that there is nothing strong to expect from the lifetime. Though his big Glory, Achiles is desappointed as he would have lost everything. And Shakespeare does insist on the point that Cowards only fight for Glory (and their mother behind it).

    Nitche nazism is the most common religion in USA now. And this is the worst. The less helpful for poor people, as dreams and ethics are useless for people who have nothing. They are made by rich people to submit them.

    To this taste for dreams of little kids, classical culture, Petrarch for instance, does explain that Nightmares are better than Dreams, because when you wake up reality is not so bad.