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  • US-Dream to Hell

    'American Dream': this motto is enough to see USA from France as an Eastern Nation, closer to India than England or France.

    Stupid US-Writter Johnatan Littell is arguing that because German nazis were better educated than Yankees do today (this is no scoop), education is useless.

    Truth would be to tell people that Nazism was Capitalism, a remake of Roman Empire or Egyptian one. Capitalism for young men when Economics does not work. Hitler was the link between German Industry and poor popular classes that were disgusted by Economic Leaders.


    In France, the difference between Roman and Greek, and mainly the fact that classical art cannot be mixed with business and economics, has been hidden by Republican culture and clerks as much as possible. Music and Architecture are not 'classical'.

    Idea of Art as a religion, i.e. music or culture, is Roman, Nazi, but not Greek; Greek greatest philosophers are aware of the danger for art in the hands of the Government to become just religion, theater or mathematics. K. Marx is not new on this point.

    Of course, because of the Revelation, Christian do not trust Politics either, due to the fact that this text is underlining the dark side of Politics in History.

    'Happiness' is not more Greek than it is Christian, due to realistic view of Politics and Society. Same mistake is made by German nazi F. Nitche in the name of the devil: Christianity is not happy, has nothing to do with Architecture or Civilization (See Lucifer next to Architecture tools by A. Dürer); Nitche is true on this point, which is obvious. But he is wrong to believe that Greek did not share this realistic view that there is nothing strong to expect from the lifetime. Though his big Glory, Achiles is desappointed as he would have lost everything. And Shakespeare does insist on the point that Cowards only fight for Glory (and their mother behind it).

    Nitche nazism is the most common religion in USA now. And this is the worst. The less helpful for poor people, as dreams and ethics are useless for people who have nothing. They are made by rich people to submit them.

    To this taste for dreams of little kids, classical culture, Petrarch for instance, does explain that Nightmares are better than Dreams, because when you wake up reality is not so bad.

  • Muslim against Christian?

    First of all one must say that there is no reason for Catholic or Christian people to choose between Ben Laden and George Bush or Barack Obama. Prohibition of the using of any weapon against anybody except spiritual weapon against the Devil is absolute. There is no Christianism beyond this fronteer but Christian politicians against Jesus clear dissuasion from building his Kingdom in this world (that is French XVIIth theocracy or USA one).

    I am not the best to tell wether Ben Laden is Muslim or not, but Bush and Obama's religion of State and Capital has obviously nothing to do with the Christian Revelation. Not more than Roman laws, maintained in France by the civil massive-murderer Napoleon before Hitler.
    I sometimes ask myself as great Francis Bacon of Verulam if the biggest part of Christian theology was not made to hide the clear message of Jesus? The fact is that in the thirty-six different kind of Catholicism that were invented by scholars, there is more bullshit than pearls.


    With only 10% of immigrants, France is not like USA one immigrant's nation, but due to low ethical values of French capitalist politicians and their medias, those African immigrants are used to scare oldest people and of female gender too (in Eastern of France, mainly) in electoral time, as fear is the basis of political speech since the first days of Humanity (As soon as Moses their leader is not with them, Jewish people are worshiping the Golden Calf, that is nothing else than a metaphor of politics or power.)
    With this kind of speeches and the help of powerful medias, French Industrial cartels are able to make people forget that it changed one of the richest country in the world in a kind of 'Titanic', pointing out the less responsible people to whiten the more responsible with less sense of honour than Jackals have.


    Same number of Christian French people are changing for Muslim religion (which is a Jewish-Christian religion too, not far away from Luther's aborted Reformation) compared to Muslim immigrants who are changing for Christianism. The interesting point is that they both side do mainly change for social reasons not theological. First category are mainly young French guys who want to marry muslim young girls. Other category is mainly muslim young people who want to be more French. But contrarily to what some stupid Christian are trying to make people believe, Jesus is not socialist at all. Contrarily to what stupid communist are trying to make people believe, Karl Marx is not socialist either (Lenin himself knew it). US-religion is more socialist than marxism -and of course Hitler's religion was socialism too. Marx and F. Engels shrewdly saw in 'socialism' the new religious mask of capitalism.

  • Society is the Mass-Murderer

    In most paederastic nations such as Japan, USA or Germany, consequence is that women have more temper than men. Is that the reason why you can walk across a town in the USA during a day without seeing any beautiful girl, which is for a French or an European guy rather confusing?

    Even French Christian Free-Mason* J. de Maistre (1753-1821) must admit it after Ancient Philosophy: politics is of female gender. In general, Jewish or Christian politician try to hide this point because of the link between Eva and the generation plantain tree, the political principle -that one can find in the Greek myth too where Pandora is sex, the sand on which political architecture is grounded.

    Throughout J. de Maistre one can understand that Feminism is not praising Women but Politics behind the religious feminist slogan. In a supposed to be feminist nation like USA, more than 200.000 women from Eastern Europe have been reduced in slavery by porn industry in less than fifteen years; millions of US-women have to pronounce every year -sometimes alone- the death penalty because they are pregnant -for social reasons.

    Social murdering is in fact better accepted by paederastic men and women because they need the State protection as kids need their matrix protection.

    One can notice that there is something too in paederastic or female gender, excited by politics or society, that makes murder easier (Nazism was nothing else than a frank 'Liberalism' and except stupid theory of Darwin, there is nothing new in Nazism compared to classic Liberalism.): soul stand more for women than the body does, contrarily to men who do trust more the body. I never met in fact a 'real man' who was believing that religious theory of S. Freud was something else than female religion.

    In each murderer, especially the one who is the more obviously mad or possessed ('Melancholia' is satanic possession for Christian people as the 'Melancholia' engraving of A. Durer does explain it.) there is a blind mathematician. In other words, the murderer does not see the body but only the mathematical soul. Murder is a social behaviour that remain us that in primitive dictatorship the king was regularly sacrified as a calf, which was may be more human.

    *Atheist masonic principles of XIXth are just derivating from Christian masonic principles of Baroque Time which J. de Maistre was regreting, unable to understand that atheism was the politics' faith and reason (He just should have read the New Testimony!). But there is sincerity in J. de Maistre like in nazism -may be more- and he is usefully seeing both Shakespeare and Francis Bacon as his ennemies.

  • French Godly Liars

    Christian holders of European nation -Monnet, Schumann and their followers-, did not hesitated to adulterate the Gospel to serve their human wishes. Is there any Leviathan without this kind of perfidy? This was an essay to copy the christian symbolism of United States of America.

    These Christian indeed linked the twelve stars wheel on the blue European flag with saint John Gospel, the Revelation wherein "a woman clothed with sun, the moon under her feet, and a twelve stars crown on her head" is described (Rev. XII,12). This woman was changed in "Mary, Holy Mother of Jesus-Christ" although traditional christian interpretation has been considering this woman since a long time as the Church of Jesus herself, who is depicted in the Apostle's scriptures as "Jesus' bride". Traditional interpretation is based on good reason. A few lines after the description of that woman, she has to escape the devil in a desert and she will give birth therefore to MANY children. One can guess that the twelves stars are representing the Apostles.

    Why did these Catholic people decided not to take the right symbolism? Probably for not hurting Lutherian or English irritability. European Union was about agriculture, brass and charcoal first of all, even for these Christians.

    The idea of an European or Mediterranean Christian Kingdom or even Geographical has nothing to do with the Gospels. "My Kingdom is not from this time" do not stop repeating Jesus from the beginning to the end of his public life (I wonder how American people can understand these words as time is in the Usa a real thing -English people have Shakespeare). And therefore, historically the idea of a mostly Roman Europe has more to do with self-suggestion than History. To limit oneself to French history, it is for a large "piece", not only Voltaire or Molière, AGAINST Roman principles.

    (In some Us-Churches one guess that the woman of the Revelation is Israel. This is nearly as wrong as the "European translation" because here no difference is made between Christian Church and Israel. Best way to understand Holy Spirit is to confront the two Testaments and not to comput them. If not saint Paul will be translated into Moses! From the Book of Genesis, Glory is for Israel and after the fight with the Angel, Jacob is becoming the "House of Israel" and fate of twelve tribes is described (Gen. XLIX,1-27). Of course there are innuendos to Old Testament in John's Revelation, but Salvation is for Christian Church and not for Israel. And in fact some American Christian are building as French with their Europe a geographical sionism that has no sense regarding the Holy Scriptures.)


    Let us say that this Christian French Party whose last daze was the ephemeral government of de Gaulle cannot rebirth now. But the wrong idea about the Revelation as a useless bazaar full of symbols was madly instiled. Only the Leviathan idea is alive yet to which satanic theory of Hobbes was a stone.

    Most of French Christian are viewing their Catholic Church as a Virgin. Instead of the whore it is maybe.