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    As a result of global dictatorship, a large rate of people in the world is receiving an US-education. I was not watching TV too much when I was young but my first mental impression was although, walking for the first time on the US ground, to walk in a dream (which made me sick because dead can dream as well as they can dance). My second impression was to be in Germany; and in fact, one Nation's soul is nothing else than its money, and dollar is the German 'thaler'.

    Due to Shylock type covenant between France and the USA, French TV-Channels are spreading the US-religion in every French home every night. Some French movies or soap-operas are on TV too, but I am not the stupid French unable to see that French theater is 90% bullshit, made by half-educated French people who have no idea of what cinema does consist in, contrarily to many Us-directors. I am not sure that without the cinema/TV, French politicians would have fucked French people as deeply as they did during those last fifty years: this is the reason why you can be sure that the praise of the cinema 'as the 7th art' is coming from the French bourgeois (still dead).

    Best French movie directors are making commercials; in this category, as crucial as porn, French are maybe better than Us-directors themselves, because of the less puritan laws (I wonder if this advertising for a German car company: 'He has the car, he will get the girl', was French or not?).

    Advantage of these serial stories that we can watch after a while on French-TV is that they do inform people on the US-religion rather well. This is a propaganda of very good quality and Russian or Chinese should take lessons in Hollywood if they want to be the new masters.

    I made thus these summaries out of a few Yankee serial-stories for the kids of my sister who are too young to understand where dreams lead you if you do not fight them:

    - 'Sex in the city': New Whore does prefer Dollar than Sex. She is well educated now (thanks to feminism!).

    - 'The Experts': Praising the dead body is the Civility of Technics and Robots.

    - 'Desperate Housewifes': How USA became a Gay-Nation (and how feathers that were on Sitting-Bull's head first are on French-Cancan dancer Obama's ass now).

    - 'Lost': Revelation is just Entertainment.

    - 'Dr House': Because of its efficiency, one cannot get rid of nazism.

    - '24 H': Everybody is a terrorist but Cops are always the best.

    - 'Numbers': Because he has no phone-call number, Ben Laden is challenging USA-Scientists.

    - 'Prison Break': (No summary: you need to be gay to watch this one as Jail is a Metaphor for Gay-sexuality. French Marquis de Sade was in jail when he wrote his boring praise of politics, violence, torture and sex, and this is partly explaining it. Prison breaks you into a gay jack.)

    - 'Scrubs': ... Just brilliant! I must admit something about this one: if cinema was not 100% religion but art, it would be this 'Scrubs', not that far away from Moliere's message that medical men are possessed by the Devil and his Looney Tunes. When I need to prove someone that USA is one devil's nation, I tell him: 'Just look at the doctors of the Sacred-Heart Hospital in 'Scrubs'. 'Sacred-heart devotion' it is exactly the Christian religion pointed out by Moliere as a satanic come back to primitive superstition.