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Ratzinger vs Shakespeare

Christian priests and especially last Pope Benedictus XVI has nothing to say about the capitalism but revealing the satanic origin of an "economy" based on time ratio. Christian theology says indeed that time is the devil "opera magna", a "human number" as it is said in saint John Gospel: 666 (Sympathy for the devil of musicians, movie makers and mathematicians comes from the seductive power of time.)

Instead of this we have an insane song that Joseph Ratzinger is singing to his child. His proposition to help politicians who are mistaking him to build new pure capitalism, although capitalism is still builded on the sand of laws, this idea sounds crazy. Does the Pope have an idea to build Egyption pyramids again?

This pope is as blind as an American citizen who would be unable to understand the distance between US Nation fathers wishes and USA today!

Shakespeare is even telling in "Hamlet" and in his poems where the reason of the wedding of Politics and religion comes from: FEAR.

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