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My own private Usa

Living in the USA helped me to understand that Pornography and Ethical Order are the same; i.e. grounded on the same sexual obsession, full of mathematics and mechanics: ground zero (The twin towers, one for the sexual obsession, the other for the moral order which is an Architecture, were in fact rich symbols.)

I was a Catholic before; I became a Marxist too after (which is necessary when Catholic Pope is German and his corn head full of German dark female philosophy).

French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy (BHL), one of the fifty people who do count in Paris and are making the French TV and Press, this guy does think exactly opposite to me. His own experience in the USA when he was 18 (I was a few years older) convinced him that US Literature, Philosophy and Theater are part human social progress (I must underline the fact here that both catholic and marxist people are hating the Society as much as Hitler is loving this Beast that is devouring its sons like Cronos.)

I wonder if those kind of French friends of the USA like BHL would be able to live in this Nation during a long time?

Was European Middle Age as religious as USA are? I do doubt about it. And for sure European Middle Age is coming OUT OF Eastern philosophy although USA are the 'Orient Express', next station after German nazism, COMING BACK to Eastern esoteric philosophy.

A war between China and the USA would be in my opinion a war between two Eastern Culture and would prove one more time that concurrence is the main reason of modern capitalist wars.

Especially US-Women have this strange typical attitude, not far away from madness, that is named sometimes 'hypochondria'. In a less technical vocabulary this 'hypochondria' can be described as a 'self control' that is typical of animal basic instincts taking care of the environment; to keep here the idea that 'self-control' is political crushing effect that enable a State and its cops to control everybody with efficiency. You cannot cross an animal's gaze, especially when it is not a domestic one; US-women seem to suffer very often from this behaviour (warning condition) governed by fear.


  • Does the title "my own private usa" come from "my own private idaho"? All rights reserved.... have you heard about it?
    Moreover, it's tautology to say my own private (well, like forward planning for example)...
    Still interested where is Your Own or Private USA? In your doubt that medieval people in Europe were not so religious as Americans nowdays? In your thinking that the USA philosophy is mason ( do you put science on a par with ideology?)?
    How old are you? "You were a few years older than 18 when had lived in the USA and you were a catholic already, you were a marxist too ...what's necessary in the society where the Pope is German". You seem to be a man of foresight... or even a prophet... Fantastic for such a young age. Non?

  • Check that what Yankees do think it is their 'own private idea' is often the most common opinion of a whoreson or a publicist on whatever. Because it is the way how the Social Beast is devouring its sons. Hitler made German people believe they were 'original'.

    For sure US-Ideology is 'masonic'. As there are hundreds of different masonic ideas, I limit mine to the simple architectural idea, as christian as atheist after in XIXth century.
    (If you meet a Marxist who does believe that Einstein theory is something else than bullshit or pure ideology, be sure he is not 'marxist' but does trust more Stalin orchestra based on organ too.)

  • Our friend Lapinos is not so young. Maybe 35 years old. Still, a man of foresight indeed.

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