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Brave New Gay World



Watched on French TV, Channel n°1: a kind of ridiculous medecine-woman who is teaching young men (of seventeen!) how to put on condoms before putting on somebodies. SS = Safe Sex after Social Security and Schutz Staffeln.

This Channel n°1 is made with a bad mixing of commercials, hollywood movies or series and soccer. This is the Channel that low-educated French people are watching but that no French Politician can criticize because he would loose to many voters. Results of liberalism in Europe these last fifty years were not only to make people a little bit less rich than before (who cares?) but to make them the stupidest Euopean people of those last two centuries. 'Highway to Hell' is a good picture because the way to Hell is the widest.

Argument of this technical lesson about condoms on TV is AIDS prevention of course. Big Brother is not watching you but taking care of you like a good God (Juno the Roman goddess).

But in fact this very religious and ethical show is made for young boys to become the best CUSTOMERS. With industrial things, the relationship is a sado-masochist relationship too -or sentimental. This is remaining me French painter Delacroix who was from the liberal party at first. He is watching the woman as a beautiful art thing. Now people are just industrial things with no difference of sex. This is the progress of capitalism and feminism.

Capitalism is of female gender because it is keeping men by the balls. Now capitalism looks like an old paederastic sexual offender who has enough money for legal prostitution. I am rather faithful in his soon murdering by a younger offender than him. Because it is just Natural ethical law to which devils are submitted.


  • Gee, what about nazism or socialism? I suppose in that cases men were castrated and had nothing to be held for. Men miss their balls nowdays... That's why feminism is flourishing. The law of the equilibrium of liquids in communicating vessels... Voila.

  • Not c..., but balls means bravery...

  • Balls means little boy's bravery; the longest dick of the dormitory is to the boy whose mother loves him the best. "You have a little dick" my boy tells the mother/wife to her son: "But, do not worry, I love you although".

    Just remain Achilles' bravery: it is the pederastic one (that mothers want for their children)... but dust at the end. Not even Achilles destroyed Troja but his young son Pyrrhus did. 'Ajax' was taken for housewifes soap brand. Why not Achilles who sucks too?

  • That we know is limited, that we do not know is infinite... It is great that you took part in the Trojan War and know for certain who and whom sucked...
    But also it is known that Shakespeare did not know the Greek language and therefore he was reading Homer in translation made by Chapman. This translation was lauded to the skies by their contemporaries, therefore Shakespeare, of course having ambitious personality, has decided to pervert an essence of the well-known poem to spite the enemy and contemporaries... He enjoyed to mock at us too, by the way...

  • I take Ben Jonson's famous sentence about Shakespeare "who did not know a word of Greek and only a few of Latin" as a joke.
    Let me tell you therefore that Shakespeare obviously read the Bible more acurately than last twenty catholic popes at least, due to his ability to face Old Testament with the New, and to compare Greek religion with them.
    I am Baconian... may I recall you. And first problem with Baconian argument is that they make worldwide scholars from XVIIth ridiculous.
    (I am not talking about stupid Baconian theory of Freud.)
    (Your idea of infinite is Baroque idea that has nothing to do with Greek or Shakespearian idea of infinite.

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