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Give the Money Back!





What is Quantum Physics but the religious language of Industry and Businessmen? Quantum Physics is Everything but a Science.

Two facts as piece of evidence for laymans in the field of Quantum Physics:

- Mathematics are almost on top of Physics now: that's the Tool on top of the object of Science;

- Though Scientists are not supposed to know Economics today, they should have understand that the use of Mathematics in Economy would lead too bankruptcy. Even the boss of a Las Vegas Casino does know that there is no Casino without a boss ruling it. It was an idiotic idea, as idiotic as Master Berkeley is as a Philosopher, a Scientist and a Theologian.

Inglorious Basterds of Quantum Physics got three or four billion euros a few years ago for a stupid Experiment in Switzerland called 'Large Hadron Collider' with no real Scientific Goal, looking for the 'Higgs Boson'. The name of 'Boson' makes me laugh each Time I am listening to it (A French humorist made a fairy tale with the 'Strawberry Gluon' inspired by this Quantum trick.)

Four billion Euros is almost the amount of the Greek debt that fucking bankers and lawyers are asking the Greek people to give back in the coming soon years!

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