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Liberalism is Gynaecology

You cannot be 'pro-life' against death without ignoring everything about biology, and thus everything about life and death. So what is 'pro-choice' against 'pro-life' fight would you ask? Just two consumer lobbies fighting each other.

Thanks to historians we do know the importance of consumption into basic countrymen religions (and Christianity that was reduced to that slowly from XVIIth).

I was recently reading Bacon-Shakespeare argument that medical science is the best way to ignore science and change natural science or genetics into religion, exactly what nazism did, Darwin or USA-today. This is the reason why Bacon-Shakespeare is so important and main Christian fighter in Modern Times. There is no modern paradox that is not solved by Shakespeare-Bacon. We can start from this joke of Bacon, who tells the story of a friend of him who was painter and became a medical man : 'Good choice, quotes Bacon, your mistakes will not be obvious as they were!'

Perhaps we can say here briefly why Christian artists such as Bacon-Shakespeare (or French Moliere) are treating doctors like Satan's officers? Because immortality and truth are what Christian are asked for, not to find the best place where to rest in vicious Nature. So is Bacon pointing out the strange method of a Medical-art which does not even look for immortality but just comfort. Understand the consequence: medical science is not a science but a religion. It is taking people in modern history by where they should not be taken due to Christianity: feelings. It is the reason why Bacon-Shakespeare in his prophecies saw the triumph of Kingdoms and Nations under the Snake-Symbol.

Therefore in his scientific vision Bacon is demonstrating that Medical art that treat human people as animals or robots cannot be very efficient. In Time Bacon-Shakespeare had so many ennemies than Hamlet did in Elsinor-Castle - and exactly the same. Last are Official Lyers Karl Popper and his disciple J. Ratzinger.

Whoever wants to follow Jesus-Christ now, keep the Christian-culture away, and burn the KKKitchen table with, then you will see the Gospels as they are, without all the stinking stable-litter that was putted on by Disorder's Lieutenant, politickers in the name of Christ before Hitler, stronger that him.

There is no Christian poetry. Hamlet killed them all. To see her soul nude and wrong made Ophely idiotic. There is no Christian-culture but the Hell itself.

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