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  • Religion of Sociology





    Sociology is for marxist people everything but a Science: a Religion. Sociologists, whose Ancestors were the Moralists of the XVIIth Century make me think about TV or Networks: a Thermometer in the Ass of Society.

    Sociology as TV or religion are useless if you are not against them, trying to destroy those fiendish mirrors, what is necessary to be free.

    Whereas the father of this religion is Heidegger in nazism (in fact G.W.F Hegel is ten times smarter than Heidegger -the Teacher faith against the Soldier's one.), Jean-Paul Sartre is in French nation. This allows to understand the main difference between a true Science and a fake one as Sociology, ersatz of Science. There is no distrust of the Language in a fake Science.

  • Misogyny against War

    One must not be surprised that Marxism is including Misogyny contrarily to Anarchy. It is easy to understand that capitalism is keeping us as women do: by the balls. Not so difficult to understand too that feminism is the roof of sexism, alloting to men the desire of girls! Soldiers are gay-people; I never knew talking about sex except when I was belonging to a French Football Team ('rugby') that I abandonned rather quickly as those guy were boring me to death as much as a Clint Eastwood movie.

    I remember my mother who was shocked when I was fifteen and told her I never would be a soldier in any case to protect the fucking French Nation or Flag or whatever... whatever I, keeping my children soul pure, I still shit on. A mother or a woman (mothers are the worst) who do not even believe in God, is able to believe in the Nation. The more unreal it is, the more a woman believe it. That is why churches and politics are both based on woman faith and so called 'reason' which is including madness (Jackson Pollock's art of controlled hysteria).