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Sucking Poets

Four years ago US-Writter Johnatan Littell got the major French book prize 'Goncourt' for a book in (a very bad) French ("Les Bienveillantes", 2006). I am the first to recognize that 'style' is the make-up of art, but the funny part of this story was to observe that a Prize which is almost entirely devoted to entertaining and stylate litterature for grand-mothers and christmas gifts was given to this big book on ww2 (It is a current joke in France that no good writter ever got this Goncourt-Prize which has been without exception given to 'writters-that-suck'.) It is not new that the bullshit that enable publishers to live makes author die.

Due to some Jewish obsession to summarize History into a Jewish problem and so destroy Historical studies*, French press and TV almost coerced French customers to buy Littell's book because of its subject (75% of books are bought in France by women, whose religious attitude is determining the success of a book; every blockbuster must be seen through this prisma. As a man I was bored by long sado-masochist descriptions added to the military life description. Is there any subject more boring in art than sex except soldiers and their military life? Subtle poets know that sex and soldiers are comic subjects about which only secretaries talk about seriously).

A bizarre shock happened between two main religious today dogmas: Jewish dogma against Gay dogma. As Littell makes his main sadistic nazi anti-heroe a paederastic one, insisting on the incestuous part of his sexuality, the question was: what kind of dogma would be the strongest? Jewish or Gay? I must admit that thanks to Littell I was interested in this Goncourt Prize for the first and probably last time of my life.

Theory of Littell is in fact not far away from what you can deduce of the reading of the French Marquis de Sade himself, whose devotion to sex cannot be separated from his devotion to politics. Sade is for sure the French philosopher who is the closer to nazi's revolution and Nietszche.

My idea is rather different from Littell's one and that is the reason why I do think he is just an hypocrite. Sado-masochism is not the consequence of nazism but of liberalism. Karl Marx would no doubt have seen in Hitler's politics a regular liberalism, due to marxist historical method to examinate any kind of politics under its economical machinery first of all.

French author Pierre Drieu La Rochelle (still censored in France or published with a preface to prevent people to share DLR's opinion!), who was seduced by nazism before the war like Ezra Pound or English Evelyn Waugh were by Mussolini, as soon as they went into Paris, Drieu La Rochelle was disappointed by nazis, recognizing in them ordinary capitalists although he was hoping that Hitler would change liberalism into an honest politics.

*The most shocking effect of the Jewish obsession about ww2 in France is this idea that Napoleon Ist, because he did not made anything against Jewish, was not a butcher as Hitler, although the cruelty of Napoleon's orders was may be more terrific than nazi's cruelty. No need to say that Napoleon did not have the same opportunity to provoke popular electorate against Jewish like Hitler did.


  • The Second World War is an excruciating pain. In spite of the fact that it is called world , any nation in the world but Russian ( Soviet) and Jews has no right to speak about this pain. Especially mercenary and pederastic French people (sorry)!

    Littell is a Jew. His ancestors came from the USSR... There are tears of his tortured to death ancestors in his blood...

    For Hitler the Jewish problem was a sacral question... And not only for him...

    Incest and homosexuality which you have seen are just a spot on an "innocent reputation" of a true Aryan...
    You have understood nothing... By the way, English people gave a prize for the worst description of sex to Littell.

    As to the language, this book is possibly a mediocre one (you know better). But as to its idea, it is close to Dostoevsky and Homere. And for sure this book is a million times more deeply than any idiotic novel of Houellebecq...

    I assure you Goncourt's academicians are not such fools as it seems at first sight...

  • - The worst that you can do is to make people believe that Jews are all the same: that's Hitler's electoral tactics. There were thousands of Jews in Hitler's army, that is the reason why I am speaking about 'tactics'.

    - Your believing in Jew or Russian or French identity does prove your devotion for politics and its rates. Dead people only have an identity. That is why nazis were smarter than today politicians, using the 'Totenkopf' as a symbol next to the algebraic one.

  • "Seuls les Soviétiques et les Juifs ont le droit de parler de la douleur de la seconde Guerre mondiale"... mais convenons que les premiers n'étaient pas trop bousculés au temps du pacte germano-soviétique, toutefois. Cette fois, Lapin, j'ai l'impression que vous êtes tombé sur encore plus fou furieux que vous. Et je salue le sang-froid que vous conservez, dans ce corps-à-corps, qui dure...

  • Je cultive plutôt le sang-froid et la sagesse anti-existentialiste d'Hamlet... mais il vrai que cette attitude paraît pure folie à Rosencrantz et Guildenstern.

  • Thank you, Mr. Ph. Pain isn't a reason but a consequence in this case... if I understood your idea. Of course Soviets are guilty too... By the way, many historians believe that the pact didn't exist at all. Anyway nobody ever saw such a document as Pact Rebbentrop-Molotov.
    Thank you, Mr. Lapinos, for your "sang-froid". But we understand that it's just a conversation, don't we? I didn't want to say that Jews or Frenchmen are all the same. But your understanding of identity (since you brought this question up) is not clear for me. Well, the people of Polynesia (homogeneous society) don't possess identity by reason of they can't show it, they just don't interact with strangers...
    Where do you get an information that there were thousands of Jews in the nazi army from? Interesting. There is the book of B. Rigg in which he speaks about it. But unfortunately not many documents saved. He relies on his talks with some nazi veterans. But how many veterans could he talk to? 50, 100?
    As to your idea that nazi ideologists were smarter than politicians nowdays, I recommend to read the book of Lacoue-Labarthe Ph. Dideioi, le paradoxe et la mimesis. I'd agree if you said that they were better monkies than today's politicians.

  • - I got the information about Jews in Hitler's army on French Jewish websites that you can easily find, I guess (I remember that there was in the book they were talking about sharp numbers and the names of Jewish-German officers in the Wehrmacht). Those Jewish became German because of the Glory of their ancestors who made WWI. It is well known that Hiltler's hate was more against religious Jewish people (that are sole real Jews in my opinion) than laic Jews.
    Making of nazi's criminal adventure an Hollywood Spielberg movie, everything but history, do have the obvious consequence to hide the economical reasons of Hitler's policy.

    - Smartest German nazi's philosopher is G.W.F Hegel against whom Marx grounded his own communism. (Interesting for Christian people is to notice here that Hegel is mostly inspirated by roman philosophy, although Marx is following Greek materialism as Francis Bacon did before him.)
    Liberalism is just a trick, not a science or even a philosophy. Did I dream or private English, French and USA cartels were saved by the State that is supposed to be their enemy and prevent cartels to make business?
    (The proof is not only in Marx that the State concentration and cartels' concentration is the same movement. Acceleration of capitalism is in XVIIth century in England and France were the power of the State was never so strong before. It took one minute to French clergyman Galiani to convince his friend Diderot who was seduced by the mathematical/magical liberalism formulas that those are pure bullshit without any scientific basis. Big computers have today 'economists as they say' but no idea of what will happen tomorrow. New Pangloss J. Attali in France is remaining us regularly on TV the old religion of half full-half empty glass of water. And many other monkeys like him.)

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