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Wurmbrand and Satan

Richard Wurmbrand wrote a lampoon against K. Marx, in which he is trying to demonstrate that Marx was satanic.

I was joking a few years ago on this weblog about the fact that Richard Wurmbrand should have change his satanic name before writing this kind of lampoon (Brand and Mark have therefore same meaning).

The kind of arguments that this Wurmbrand does use to demonstrate that Marx is satanic can be used to demonstrate that Apostle Peter was too. And in fact he was accused to be possessed by Jesus himself.

Due to the fact that 'nations' are representing the devil in the Christian Book of Revelation, K. Marx in his early years wrote himself a lampoon against G.W.F. Hegel German nazi philosopher who was praising at this time French Napoleon, same kind of mass-murderer than A. Hitler. Hitler was based on genetics and Napoleon/Hegel on civil-law, but there is no difference here. Civil law is just a natural philosophy or an ideology inspired by genetics or biology.

No doubt that K. Marx is right on the fact that Roman right has nothing to do with the Gospels. Thanks to Marx (repeating Bacon-Shakespeare on this point), we know that the more satanic Kingdoms and nations are not those under Pagan flags and devices like Hitler's one, but those 'using' Christian symbols. For example it would be better for USA-Citizen to know that they are living under Aegyptian laws, that have nothing to do with Jewish tables or Christian love.

Thanks to the Holly Spirit, USA Citizen have Shakespeare to help them to come out the Highway to Hell, as French people under Satanic King Louis XIVth had French Moliere to show them Hell under Baroque Christian Music.


I must speak about French poet Baudelaire too, who makes me think about young US people for many reasons such as:

-tortured by his mother wanting him to be the right man at the right place (because of their stupidity, mothers do not understand that the cemetary is not the perfect place to be, though it is very comfortable);

-feeling possessed by the Devil and admitting it. Lady Gaga is not the only young bright US Woman to claim his love of Judas, who was a kind of Barack Obama, dreaming of a Christian-Jewish Kingdom in this World.

About the Difference between God and Powerful Satan, French Baudelaire wrote this useful Theology:

'Satan: easy to love, but difficult to believe in. God: easy to believe in, but difficult to love.'

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