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French attacks

If glorious Body of Renaissance classical art and science is under Baroque principles carefully buried, materialistic painting translated into religious music, without forgetting the praise of phallic architecture by the horde of german grave-diggers such as Hegel, Proust, Panofsky... the reason is that Renaissance is far too much politically uncorrect for the bourgeoisie. 'Sexual revolution' is the paederastic choir-boy's revolution.

When it is speaking with its prudishness about 'collective unconsciousness', Shakespeare says more acurately 'Lucifer'. K. Marx himself is defining capitalism as a fiendish virtual principle (Puritan clerks are hating Marx who does underline the link between marriage and prostitution, pornography, although Freud has been masking this link. A puritan guy made a book to try to demonstrate that Marx was possessed by the devil whose name was... Richard Wurmbrand, a program in itself!).

The agreement between Lucifer and Puritan virtue on which French people are educated thanks to Moliere (Don Juan & Sganarelle) is illustrated by the USA now. Louis XVIth wanted to change the rules too as B. Obama does, but he could not.


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