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Marxist be careful!

Thinking that Hitler and nazism are no ordinary liberalism is the last mistake that marxist people must do. The demonstration that Hitler is one Devil who fell down from the sky is the main argument of publicists, journalists, teachers and the army of liberalism... which mostly do not even believe in God! Everything but History.

History contrarily teaches that A. Hitler made the most honest liberal politics of XXth century and that this is this honesty that made German nazis adventure shorter, as French Revolution of 1789.

Antisemitism was just useless for Napoleon before Hitler, who did not even need to seduce French people and win the general election as Hitler did. Antisemitism is just nazi's style, the orchestra of his "Titanic".


  • Hello, what were you doing last week-end? I like rabbits, nice creatures... True, not very smart...
    You, Lapinos, are mistaken now. Taking into account that you're a catholic and marxist at the same time (what is impossible because marxism is a religion too, it's like to be a catholic and buddhist, for example. But well, let us suppose that you can be a marxist and believe in commodity-money relations), don't you really think that Jews who have been known as the most harmful and hated money-lenders for many centuries in Europe and the USA had no money to buy and consequently save the lives of their congeners died in Hitler's gas chambers? Letting poor Jews die (it was really awful, so awful that you can't even imagine, you're just a friendly rabbit who couldn't read a novel of Littell to the end, it's about how "normal" (I like adequate more) people having wives and children and loving them could do so cruel things as nazi had done) was a stage of foundation of the state of Israel... One of stages...
    Hitler couldn't have any style. Style is for "normal" people. Reasonable. Hitler was insane, deeply insane... He sincerely believed that he was a new Messiah (like a crusader, etc.) or mental patient... He was selected for "his role" due to his insanity. And of course he wasn't a politician. Dictators, duces, prophets... they are not politicians at all.

  • - Normal is insane for a French rabbit like me, Alex. Insane because they are normal are US-Citizens. Entropy is in statistics as it is in music: wonder why.
    - We know in Europe since Shakespeare at least that Christianism is not a 'religion'. Abolish the sacrifice and you abolish the religion.
    - Lenin previewed the changing of marxism into a religion 'like Christianity changed into a State religion' did he wrote. And Lenin of course knew that Marx ideas are leading everywhere but toward State religion or faith which is exactly what national-socialism is, in Hegel's theory as much as in Hitler's politics.

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