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  • Beware the Gorilla!





    Formerly people from French Britanny used to think that Monkeys were the Devil's Creatures. Because the Devil was envying the Art of God who made the Man, he wanted his own poetry and made himself a Monkey.

    Due to special ability of the Monkey for imitation ('mimesis' say snobs), it is true that one could give to the God of Music or Socialism a Monkey face. Maybe Aegyptian monkey-face God was close to Greek Dionysos, who is not far away from the Monkey too?

    Darwin's Theory was important in new religious feelings of nazism inspirated by Roman paganism, and it is still important in today Liberalism to draw a kind of Scientific Futurist Edena.

    We have 'Scientists'-as they say in France, such as Yves Coppens or almost hysteric Pascal Picq, who are closer to Religion than Science and never apologized because of their lies about 'Lucy', that was officialy declared to be their grand-grand-mother to young children during decades! Not to mention unbelievable lies of English R. Dawkins of the same Church, trying to hide that Isaac Newton is one of the most religious Scientist in European History, whose Science cannot be splitted from his Christian free-masonic ideas.

    Great success of Darwin's theory in nazism and liberalism must be understood as very reasonable, due to its moral and political components. Religion and Politics are closer (not to say the same), although Science is very different from faith (closer to Charity, in Francis Bacon's idea).

    THERE IS NO MATERALISTIC SCIENCE THAT CAN FIT WITH DARWIN'S IDEA; FROM ARISTOTLE OR DEMOCRITUS TO FRANCIS BACON AND KARL MARX, DUE TO STATISTIC REFLEXION OF DARWIN. Therefore one can say that there is no materialistic Science that can fit with physiocratic principles of nazism or liberalism. Organ is the domain of Satan and his clerks, and materialistic Scientists are studying it as the domain of Corruption, especially when they are Christian as Francis Bacon, but Aristotle too.


  • French as a German Torturer




    Coming soon on French TV (end of March-"France 2" Channel), a new Reality show in which French people are acting as real Torturers with Electricity. Not less than 80% of the Candidates, discovering at the end of the Game only, that the Torture was not real but the victim an actor, shouting although like a real Guantanamo prisoner. Christophe Nick who had the idea of this program wanted to underline the slippery slope of some Reality-shows that -he said- one can see overseas, notabily in Great-Britain.

    This allows me to continue two rather different ideas that I am arguing about on this weblog since (too) many years after French philosopher Simona Weil and her main work on socialism dictatorship and oppression (more useful than Huxley, less acurate than Karl Marx).

    - First idea: Compared with today Politics, former Nazism was just more frank, what probably partly made its faster End. Probably it is special French ability to recognize frankness? Of course, I am able to prove to anybody against it that Hitler's liberalism is nothing else than ordinary liberalism, regarding to Metaphysics, Science or Economics on which nazism is based on.

    - Second idea: Special today hypocrisy is made by the Press and the Networks under the control of the Industry (with no exception in France). With football, Olympic Games or idiotic TV-series, they maintain people in their stupidity.

    Due to our virtual/judiciary Culture that is condemning criminal intentions for prevention, candidates of this Reality-Fake Show should be indicted, not thanked by Christophe Nick as they are! A Jewish woman who played the torturer in the Game does explain that she did not understand why her grand-parents did not refuse to have a yellow star on their clothes. Stupidity is for sure part of the crimes of nazism little civil servants!

    Intention of committing a crime should be condemned here as an example as it is usually. Or the French Channel and Christophe Nick should be instead! It sounds maybe crazy. But ask yourself if the law is not the craziest. Listen to this: Not prosecuting those people or the Channel would be justified by the same reason that made the Candidates act like real torturers, obeying to the order of the Game Master. Because they believed TV is benefiting of an Injustice!


    But fight of Christophe Nick against crazy TV-Shows only sounds hypocrit. Who needs to be told that these programs are indecent? More indecent are the programs about Serial Killers and criminal inquieries on State French Channels (with fewer commercials) made either for frightening weak people or for whiting the Politics and the Capitalist Society that is making those crazy murderers. Fascination for Death is the same than paederastic fascination for Sex. There is no real porn without blood and death, or sometimes torture.

    Therefore Christophe Nick's scientific basis is wrong. He is based on Milgram's sociology studies to explain that 80% of the people would commit acts of torture as those candidates. But Sociology is not a Science, this is the religion of a Socialist State or Politics! I could reply Mr Nick that no one of my friends would be agree to participate in a TV-Show! He is starting from the fact that every French people is venal or narcissic.

    TV is Propaganda, not only TV-shows. We had recently the proof of it in the general agreement of the US-Citizens for Irak's invasion though lots of US-Citizens do not even know where Irak is located. French example is better proof because French people were first time manipulated by TV FOR Irak invasion, and a few years after AGAINST.

    Problem of Sociology seen as a Science is not as anodyne because Sociology is the heart of darwinism and Nazism already, which has a physiocratic background as every kind of liberalism (For marxist science, statistics are against History; especially Milgram's use of statistics.)


  • Shame on John-Paul IInd





    Shame on former Pope John-Paul IInd indecent acts of self-torturing does illustrate the new use of Christian Roman religion by modern global dictatorship. One must say before two things about this Pope:

    -Nothing is less surprising than this habit from him; everybody is remembering his suffering when he was making his worldwide tours before his death. What are self-whipping with a waistbelt compared to the suffering of an old man next to death agony around the world?

    -Praising torture is ALWAYS a proof of low spirituality, in Christianity first of all, but whoever this praising is coming from in general; Atheist French Marquis de Sade as much as some crazy Christian nuns such as Spanish Theresa of Avila... Nazi's sado-masochist background is undeniable too: all that bullshit is betraying common intellectual weakness from same origin: Politics. The "cell" is in general what these people have in common. Devil is not only in the house, but in the cell.

    Outrage of mad killer against anybody is first of all against his own body (That is what the cops or the moralists making inquiries about the serial-killers are trying to hide: special responsability of Politics in these kind of murders.)

    Torture makes the link between family and politics obvious, and the fact that education is as satanic job as tyrant's job.


    Is there something more hypocrit in today's World than Hitler's sentence next to sado-masochism praise that one can hear from lots of stupid but powerful artists? Notice that 'Arbeit macht frei!' is not only a sado-masochist Eastern Device but a do-nothing Device of people that mostly make money or slaves work for them -as gloomy and contemptible than Greek idleness is full of nobility and altruism. Roman, nazism or liberalism principles are made for the slavery to continue as long as possible, although Aristotle, Aeschylus or Homer were fighting for liberty.

    New use of Christian religion by dictatorship now:

    -As Karl Marx explained ('The Holly Family') and his son Paul Lafargue after him (which is explaining the old hate of Puritans against Marx, though he is not that far away from Luther's vowing merchants and their laws to Hell), main use of Christian religion by different dictatorship in Europe during XIXth century was to justify industrial slavery. And it was a duty in lots of rich families to give one son to be a clergyman. Christian religion became useless for dictatorship after the disgusting of it in poor classes, replaced so by the State religion called 'existentialism' in France, made of half Gothic and Baroque old Clock-mechanism (Soul Systems or Sound Systems are the best in Dictatorship for a good control on big nations.) Nazis themselves could not use 'Jewish-christianity' to manipulate people as Napoleon Ist and IInd, Bismarck did before Hitler. Hate of Christian religion was at that Time too big in poor classes working for the industry.

    Hitler and nazis were the first politicians to do what Global Dictatorship is doing with Pope John-Paul IInd or Benedictus XVIth right now: making the existentialist religion modern in the comparison with old christianism of Roman Church that seems to make as many efforts as possible to be ridiculous and old-fashioned as Shylock in Shakespeare's play (Pope's small party in France is blessed bread for caricaturists as Texan people are for New-Yorker.) This press propaganda is sitting here on two big official lies as Hitler did:

    -First is that 'existentialist' religion of State is not less out of Christian origin than it is out of Paganism (The mostly Roman paganism concerned here was mainly imported in Christian religion by clerks, especially in the XVIIth century. Importance of Poets and poetry does prove that this paganism is mostly of Latin origin.)

    -Second lie is that 'existentialist' religion is not less Gothic or Baroque than John-Paul IInd sado-masochism which is obviously part of USA-culture (or Japanese one).

    'Highway to Hell' is the religious song of existentialism by monkey Mick Jagger out of some Business School; Jagger who knows probably as well as I do who Artemisia is and that Lucifer is not deaf to entreaties of frogs that are giving him their sufferances for nothing against a little piece of Glory.

  • Marxist be careful!

    Thinking that Hitler and nazism are no ordinary liberalism is the last mistake that marxist people must do. The demonstration that Hitler is one Devil who fell down from the sky is the main argument of publicists, journalists, teachers and the army of liberalism... which mostly do not even believe in God! Everything but History.

    History contrarily teaches that A. Hitler made the most honest liberal politics of XXth century and that this is this honesty that made German nazis adventure shorter, as French Revolution of 1789.

    Antisemitism was just useless for Napoleon before Hitler, who did not even need to seduce French people and win the general election as Hitler did. Antisemitism is just nazi's style, the orchestra of his "Titanic".

  • Society is the Mass-Murderer

    In most paederastic nations such as Japan, USA or Germany, consequence is that women have more temper than men. Is that the reason why you can walk across a town in the USA during a day without seeing any beautiful girl, which is for a French or an European guy rather confusing?

    Even French Christian Free-Mason* J. de Maistre (1753-1821) must admit it after Ancient Philosophy: politics is of female gender. In general, Jewish or Christian politician try to hide this point because of the link between Eva and the generation plantain tree, the political principle -that one can find in the Greek myth too where Pandora is sex, the sand on which political architecture is grounded.

    Throughout J. de Maistre one can understand that Feminism is not praising Women but Politics behind the religious feminist slogan. In a supposed to be feminist nation like USA, more than 200.000 women from Eastern Europe have been reduced in slavery by porn industry in less than fifteen years; millions of US-women have to pronounce every year -sometimes alone- the death penalty because they are pregnant -for social reasons.

    Social murdering is in fact better accepted by paederastic men and women because they need the State protection as kids need their matrix protection.

    One can notice that there is something too in paederastic or female gender, excited by politics or society, that makes murder easier (Nazism was nothing else than a frank 'Liberalism' and except stupid theory of Darwin, there is nothing new in Nazism compared to classic Liberalism.): soul stand more for women than the body does, contrarily to men who do trust more the body. I never met in fact a 'real man' who was believing that religious theory of S. Freud was something else than female religion.

    In each murderer, especially the one who is the more obviously mad or possessed ('Melancholia' is satanic possession for Christian people as the 'Melancholia' engraving of A. Durer does explain it.) there is a blind mathematician. In other words, the murderer does not see the body but only the mathematical soul. Murder is a social behaviour that remain us that in primitive dictatorship the king was regularly sacrified as a calf, which was may be more human.

    *Atheist masonic principles of XIXth are just derivating from Christian masonic principles of Baroque Time which J. de Maistre was regreting, unable to understand that atheism was the politics' faith and reason (He just should have read the New Testimony!). But there is sincerity in J. de Maistre like in nazism -may be more- and he is usefully seeing both Shakespeare and Francis Bacon as his ennemies.