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Shame on John-Paul IInd





Shame on former Pope John-Paul IInd indecent acts of self-torturing does illustrate the new use of Christian Roman religion by modern global dictatorship. One must say before two things about this Pope:

-Nothing is less surprising than this habit from him; everybody is remembering his suffering when he was making his worldwide tours before his death. What are self-whipping with a waistbelt compared to the suffering of an old man next to death agony around the world?

-Praising torture is ALWAYS a proof of low spirituality, in Christianity first of all, but whoever this praising is coming from in general; Atheist French Marquis de Sade as much as some crazy Christian nuns such as Spanish Theresa of Avila... Nazi's sado-masochist background is undeniable too: all that bullshit is betraying common intellectual weakness from same origin: Politics. The "cell" is in general what these people have in common. Devil is not only in the house, but in the cell.

Outrage of mad killer against anybody is first of all against his own body (That is what the cops or the moralists making inquiries about the serial-killers are trying to hide: special responsability of Politics in these kind of murders.)

Torture makes the link between family and politics obvious, and the fact that education is as satanic job as tyrant's job.


Is there something more hypocrit in today's World than Hitler's sentence next to sado-masochism praise that one can hear from lots of stupid but powerful artists? Notice that 'Arbeit macht frei!' is not only a sado-masochist Eastern Device but a do-nothing Device of people that mostly make money or slaves work for them -as gloomy and contemptible than Greek idleness is full of nobility and altruism. Roman, nazism or liberalism principles are made for the slavery to continue as long as possible, although Aristotle, Aeschylus or Homer were fighting for liberty.

New use of Christian religion by dictatorship now:

-As Karl Marx explained ('The Holly Family') and his son Paul Lafargue after him (which is explaining the old hate of Puritans against Marx, though he is not that far away from Luther's vowing merchants and their laws to Hell), main use of Christian religion by different dictatorship in Europe during XIXth century was to justify industrial slavery. And it was a duty in lots of rich families to give one son to be a clergyman. Christian religion became useless for dictatorship after the disgusting of it in poor classes, replaced so by the State religion called 'existentialism' in France, made of half Gothic and Baroque old Clock-mechanism (Soul Systems or Sound Systems are the best in Dictatorship for a good control on big nations.) Nazis themselves could not use 'Jewish-christianity' to manipulate people as Napoleon Ist and IInd, Bismarck did before Hitler. Hate of Christian religion was at that Time too big in poor classes working for the industry.

Hitler and nazis were the first politicians to do what Global Dictatorship is doing with Pope John-Paul IInd or Benedictus XVIth right now: making the existentialist religion modern in the comparison with old christianism of Roman Church that seems to make as many efforts as possible to be ridiculous and old-fashioned as Shylock in Shakespeare's play (Pope's small party in France is blessed bread for caricaturists as Texan people are for New-Yorker.) This press propaganda is sitting here on two big official lies as Hitler did:

-First is that 'existentialist' religion of State is not less out of Christian origin than it is out of Paganism (The mostly Roman paganism concerned here was mainly imported in Christian religion by clerks, especially in the XVIIth century. Importance of Poets and poetry does prove that this paganism is mostly of Latin origin.)

-Second lie is that 'existentialist' religion is not less Gothic or Baroque than John-Paul IInd sado-masochism which is obviously part of USA-culture (or Japanese one).

'Highway to Hell' is the religious song of existentialism by monkey Mick Jagger out of some Business School; Jagger who knows probably as well as I do who Artemisia is and that Lucifer is not deaf to entreaties of frogs that are giving him their sufferances for nothing against a little piece of Glory.


  • Why do you reckon that education is always an imposed thing? Or I didn't catch your idea of education? I think that you wrongly understand the idea of identity and identification. I remember that you said that just the dead have identity... Do you think it's the same thing as a process of getting an indetification card (joke)?
    Are you speaking about Xnty as a social-governmental institution like any religion is? So, Christianity(or any religion) is just a social-governmental institution, having nothing to do with God? Right?

  • - Identity is what Narcissus is watching in his cold pool. You have it in Einstein's trick too: is it moving or is it not? Damn it, who do am I when I am not in the mirror? You look in the mirror to pray the Death not to come, and it is just what makes the Death come!
    At a Nation-level, identity sounds ridiculous for my little nevews themselves. Do they believe in Ghosts those people who do think that France does exist like someone who can look at oneself?
    - Collective freedom does not exist tells Marx who is not a socialist. 'Democracy' is for Marx the way to finish with Power and State that you will never make any capitalist give up. Better Hitler than Russian said European capitalism recently.
    - Kingdom of Jesus is not in this World, that's why the Christian socialism is a monster created to legitimate the Industrial Manoeuvre in the Dark.

  • As to Narcissus, quite the contrary! He couldn't identify himself. He didn't believe in his own being regardless of his own mirror (image). Representation in mirror is just a personal imagination, nobody see it but its owner. Narcissus doesn't exist...

  • In France, a rabbit science (cunicologie) has developed that includes breeding, farming and cooking. Maybe some business for you Alex?

  • - Einstein's Science does not exist too. It is just a joke following the explanation you gave me about Narcissus, which is not different than mine.
    - France or USA are just Ghosts too. They do not exist. I just wanted to underline that the idea that a ghost or a mask does have an identity is more stupid than the idea that somebody can have one (Narcissus for instance). This kind of ghost (USA) is a reflexion already. I add: Death is always behind the reflexion.

    - Lesson of the Greek tale is that the mirror idea is the worst idea you can have about yourself... but a fascinating idea. A mathematical and reversed shadow is this idea.
    'Once upon in America' or that kind of bullshit by John Ford is a kind of USA-Identity in a mirror.

    - Wonder why a Christian cannot believe in identity idea? It is a satanic one. Wonder why a communist cannot believe in Nation idea? It is not less stupid than believing in Santa Claus.

  • For the comparison between Ovid and Conon, see:


    There are two opposite ideas of knowing oneself in Latin and Greek science that can be compared to the two opposite ideas of understanding infinity.

  • Belief (faith) and recognition (acknowledgement) are interrelated but different things. How Christians can not believe in identity if they are aware of their belonging to Xnty? You believe that there is an identity idea and it comes from the Devil... How did you get this belief? From St. John the Divine and your own consent to accept it? Or you were aware of all that satanic things at the moment you were born?

  • - Christian people do not belong to Christianity. Your mistake is coming from US-idea of Christianity as a Cartel or many small shops (notice that there is 'shop' in 'bishop'), which is not I must admit born in the USA but in Europe in XVIIth Century. Today political parties are made of the XVIIth idea of religious parties.
    - That identity, hidding division under one circle's look, is of one Satanic origin, we have the testimony of it of course in the Holly Scriptures (See prophecy of Joel, Daniel, Gospel of Matthew, and the symbolism of Judas' cord too.)
    But the true materialistic Science (unknown in the USA) against the cord of the language, which is made of NOTHING real, does prove too that France, USA, aso are just Ghosts, loomings, not far away from miracles or Fata Morgana.

    Guess now why politicians as much as clerks do hate materialistic Science of Marx, Bacon or Aristotle?

  • Interesting... What are you speaking about? Idola of Bacon?

  • - Of course Idola of Bacon! Notice that Bacon do know exactly the link between the golden calf, idola and mathematics, which are always speaking about power-rate (Hitler is true when he is taking the Infinity symbolism for his flags.)
    - You can find it in his commentaries about "Orpheus" Tale too.

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