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  • Warning to Romans...

    who say that they are 'Christians'.

    Christ is free of any kind of moral or social device and He must stay so. Teaching 'Christian ethics', you put law and property in Christianity. Putting law and property in Christianity, you put SCANDAL in the name of Christ for children and all those who have stronger hearts than you. It is the worst Sin. Better praise joy and civilization in the name of the Antichrist or Swastika, admitting the comfort of lies and pleasures.

    If seeing the Truth face to face is frightening you, hundred different religion could be yours, depending of your special way of life, BUT THE CHRIST DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR SIN CITIES!

    Against Inferno will no Church protect you except the Catholic one who is in the Sky.

  • Big Soul/No Art

    I do agree with English novelist Evelyn Waugh that sole original USA Art or Poetry is animation movies made with drawings, such as Walt Disney's stories, Looney Tunes a.s.o. (kind of Poetry which is already dead in my opinion). This Poetry is of course far more inspirated than today boring US novelists or stupid photographer David Hockney whose art is entirely made with bad Rethoric and Ignorance of History.

    - Notice that these animation pictures movies are related with US devotion for Time that one can see in its 'Science', a devotion that one can find in Asian or Arabian civilizations too (which is for regular Catholic people not less than praising the devil); Italian Dante for instance mainly thought that Muslim people were Satanic because of their Same devotion for Time; same for Egyptians too, whose Dictatorship under Apollo inspired partly Ancient Greeks (notabily Minoan but religious church of Pythagorea too) before Greek Priests were defeated by Greek Scientists against Time ;

    - Therefore this is typically one Children's Art, which is revealing the women's Power in the USA that slowly drove US men to become paederastic, probably more than German nazis who were depicted by US Novelist Johnatan Littell as Gays (without shocking French opinion, though talking against Gay is as much politically uncorrect in France nowadays than in USA, probably because Littell is of Jewish origin that protected him in the French press of violent attacks anybody else would have had to fight against for that if not Jewish).

    How women get more power than men in this kind of civilization is explained by Marx Economy. Gay people are the best Citizen of whom a State or a Dictatorship can dream about. Their light sado-masochism is precious in case of War for instance, because you cannot become sadistic suddenly, but must be prepared. Suffering you inflict to someone is always after suffering you admitted for your own body, and mad people often complain about the State (not only about their parents or mother), as the Nation betrayed them (which is true, in fact, except the fact that 'USA', 'France' is nothing but a Ghost, corresponding to Roman or Egyptian Gods, just Power drawings.)

    Sparta's Warriors were Gay and this is a good thing until a certain Paradox. Problem of Gay Nazis and Gay Warriors of Sparta is the same: their devotion for Politics was too big, too frank, a blind link with the State as a Matrix: they cannot imagine She will betray them. 'Titanic' is made of brass, isn't it? A Paradox which is in Politics as much as it is in humour.

    *Regular catholic people are those whose religion is not based on Faith/Ratio, like famous French Philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, explaining he was believing in God and the day after believing in Nothing, a.s.o. or French Jean Guitton, advisor of former Pope Paulus VIth, explaining that Faith is Doubt or Doubt is Faith, the kind of Idea that can let people think that Monkeys were our Ancestors.

  • The Devil Inside





    French journalist Jacques Duquesne wrote a book about the Church and the Devil, demonstrating that Catholic Church got rid of him last Century along. And in fact advertising for the Devil is more in rockn'roll Lyrics or Hollywood movies now than in Christian Churches.

    This turn is for the author Duquesne a progress toward more Responsability:

    - First thing to say is that the reflexion of Duquesne is out of Christian tradition or explanations though this man does like being called a 'Christian' or even a 'Papist' to sell more books. One cannot be 'Christian' and not believe what Jesus says. Religion of Duquesne is Capitalism and he worked in fact during decades for Newspapers praising capitalism, not Jesus. Responsability is starting with the fact not to mix capitalism with the Christian praise of poverty.

    - Idea of a 'bigger responsability' would be funny if the sense of responsability of capitalist Politics was not illustrated by rivers of blood due to the struggle between huge States until War along last century.


    But this Publicist is not responsible of the vanishing of the Devil in most Christian Sermons or Theology. German Christian Theology where Nazism and 'existentialism' came out enable to understand this changing. One can summarize it under the name of 'Anthropology'. This mechanic that one can find in E. Kant philosophy, S. Freud too, or in nazi Heidegger more recently does enable to change the Devil in a moral value: he becomes 'bad' principle when God is becoming 'good' principle. Understand that this anthropologic turn is as much swallowing the Devil than it is swallowing the Nature (The idiotic turn of Ecologism when Earth becomes one human's soul is included in this philosophy), a 'Nature' which is understood here as it is in the Latin Paganism as 'elements'. Greek idea of Nature that does infirm Latin idea of 'elements' brakes anthropologic reflexion and does explain why lots of Greek scientists did believe in the Devil (Apollo) as true Christian.


    After Shakespeare or Francis Bacon who are in the Christian materialism tradition inspired by Greek Science*, one can think that Christian satanism is summarized in what it is sometimes called 'Natural law', idea which was invented by stupid middle age monks, betraying Aristotle on this point (who did not wait for A. Einstein to know that laws are submitted to relativity principle. Not even Zeno waited for German simpleton Einstein or French Poincaré.) Christian free-masons such as French J. de Maistre in XIXth are not far away from this idea of 'Natural law' too. One can especially read in French poet Baudelaire, who was following de Maistre, that he is not clearly making the difference between God and the Devil, as he is admitting frankly.

    Not difficult to understand that nazism or darwinism are continuing this middle age idea of 'Natural law' too. It is Satanic principle for Christian because this is the way to change Politics in a sacred matter against the warning of Jesus not to try to make his Kingdom in this World.

    *Pythagoras is closer to religion than science and therefore closer to Aegyptian than Greek. Due to pythagorean symbolism of swastika, one can see satanism in Pythagorean Science.



  • Roma against the Machine?

    French Essayist F. Huguenin recently tried to demonstrate that Pope Benedictus XVIth has nothing to do with liberalism or capitalism contrarily to what his friendly USA-Tour could for instance make the world believe in.

    Problem of Huguenin's theory is that there are many French Catholic who do think today that Capitalism can be mixed with the Gospel; those 'Catholic' people are therefore those who are praising the German Pope as a Pop Star and helped French President Sarkozy to be elected WITHOUT ANY CHRISTIAN ARGUMENT. Closer to female Hysteria are the members of this Papist Party than the Gospel (Wonder why female? Because Capitalism is a big slut.)

    - French Cardinal Barbarin of Lyon, still called 'Prime of Gauls'(!), one of the five main French Roman Catholic chiefs said: 'It is a Christian duty to go to the Poll'. This Satanic advise was never condemned by the Pope. Only capitalists parties helped by big cartels (including weapon industry) do have a chance in France to win the poll, though there do exist other small parties. This is nothing else than straight help of a catholic major Clerk to capitalism AGAINST THE GOSPEL where there is no Encouragement to make Politics but many Warnings against!

    - Hypocrit 'socialism' in which Karl Marx was seeing the sharpest liberalism (and it is in fact sharpest to praise socialism out of China or India today) is the Pope's 'politics' against the evidence of its check and lie along the last two centuries. It is now seven centuries ago that Dante Alighieri condemned corrupted Popes to Hell; five centuries ago that Luther condemned 'market law' and German merchants for the same reason without any results (or very limited). Whom Benedictus XVIth does he think he will convince except a group of French papists female behind him with this new tepid Christian Socialism?

    - Last but not least, Ratzinger's Theology (almost unreadable for common French people contrarily to Moliere's or Shakespeare's theology) is quoting some philosophers who are antichristian like stupid T. Adorno or Horckheimer. Pagan Science, Art or Philosophy have been included from the very beginning by Apostles in their explanations on Holly Scriptures (Saint Paul is praising the Greek people who did believe in a God only); with good or bad results, but those different pagan philosophers and artists: Aristotle, Homer, Plato, Vergil, Cicero, a.s.o., were all believing in God: German philosophy that Ratzinger is quoting is made by State-Suckers; they do trust the sole Golden Calf. All that bullshit is direct consequence of liberalism or capitalism on Roman Carelessness.

  • Shame on John-Paul IInd





    Shame on former Pope John-Paul IInd indecent acts of self-torturing does illustrate the new use of Christian Roman religion by modern global dictatorship. One must say before two things about this Pope:

    -Nothing is less surprising than this habit from him; everybody is remembering his suffering when he was making his worldwide tours before his death. What are self-whipping with a waistbelt compared to the suffering of an old man next to death agony around the world?

    -Praising torture is ALWAYS a proof of low spirituality, in Christianity first of all, but whoever this praising is coming from in general; Atheist French Marquis de Sade as much as some crazy Christian nuns such as Spanish Theresa of Avila... Nazi's sado-masochist background is undeniable too: all that bullshit is betraying common intellectual weakness from same origin: Politics. The "cell" is in general what these people have in common. Devil is not only in the house, but in the cell.

    Outrage of mad killer against anybody is first of all against his own body (That is what the cops or the moralists making inquiries about the serial-killers are trying to hide: special responsability of Politics in these kind of murders.)

    Torture makes the link between family and politics obvious, and the fact that education is as satanic job as tyrant's job.


    Is there something more hypocrit in today's World than Hitler's sentence next to sado-masochism praise that one can hear from lots of stupid but powerful artists? Notice that 'Arbeit macht frei!' is not only a sado-masochist Eastern Device but a do-nothing Device of people that mostly make money or slaves work for them -as gloomy and contemptible than Greek idleness is full of nobility and altruism. Roman, nazism or liberalism principles are made for the slavery to continue as long as possible, although Aristotle, Aeschylus or Homer were fighting for liberty.

    New use of Christian religion by dictatorship now:

    -As Karl Marx explained ('The Holly Family') and his son Paul Lafargue after him (which is explaining the old hate of Puritans against Marx, though he is not that far away from Luther's vowing merchants and their laws to Hell), main use of Christian religion by different dictatorship in Europe during XIXth century was to justify industrial slavery. And it was a duty in lots of rich families to give one son to be a clergyman. Christian religion became useless for dictatorship after the disgusting of it in poor classes, replaced so by the State religion called 'existentialism' in France, made of half Gothic and Baroque old Clock-mechanism (Soul Systems or Sound Systems are the best in Dictatorship for a good control on big nations.) Nazis themselves could not use 'Jewish-christianity' to manipulate people as Napoleon Ist and IInd, Bismarck did before Hitler. Hate of Christian religion was at that Time too big in poor classes working for the industry.

    Hitler and nazis were the first politicians to do what Global Dictatorship is doing with Pope John-Paul IInd or Benedictus XVIth right now: making the existentialist religion modern in the comparison with old christianism of Roman Church that seems to make as many efforts as possible to be ridiculous and old-fashioned as Shylock in Shakespeare's play (Pope's small party in France is blessed bread for caricaturists as Texan people are for New-Yorker.) This press propaganda is sitting here on two big official lies as Hitler did:

    -First is that 'existentialist' religion of State is not less out of Christian origin than it is out of Paganism (The mostly Roman paganism concerned here was mainly imported in Christian religion by clerks, especially in the XVIIth century. Importance of Poets and poetry does prove that this paganism is mostly of Latin origin.)

    -Second lie is that 'existentialist' religion is not less Gothic or Baroque than John-Paul IInd sado-masochism which is obviously part of USA-culture (or Japanese one).

    'Highway to Hell' is the religious song of existentialism by monkey Mick Jagger out of some Business School; Jagger who knows probably as well as I do who Artemisia is and that Lucifer is not deaf to entreaties of frogs that are giving him their sufferances for nothing against a little piece of Glory.