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Against Jacques Ellul

It is very surprising how French Jacques Ellul is whitening the Western Empire, after he did condemned the Catholic Church because she betrayed the Gospels and the Holly Spirit. How he does create a new Ethics, after his demonstration that Ethics cannot be 'christian' or 'jewish'. History or critics, that was available for the past, is not for today anymore and the mask of Ethics is save for new crimes and lies.

Therefore, the Catholic Church is always the Mother of this Empire, which you cannot understand without understanding this historical fact. The Catholic Church does continue (especially last two popes) to argue for the Pagan culture and what is called 'fornication' in the Revelation book. She stays as deaf as a Bell.

Freemasonry and its Egyptian pagan symbolism was not invented by USA or German NSDAP Party, for example, but by the Catholic Church during the Middle age (as nazi Carl Jung does explain it in 'Psychology and Alchemy').

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