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Society is the Mass-Murderer

In most paederastic nations such as Japan, USA or Germany, consequence is that women have more temper than men. Is that the reason why you can walk across a town in the USA during a day without seeing any beautiful girl, which is for a French or an European guy rather confusing?

Even French Christian Free-Mason* J. de Maistre (1753-1821) must admit it after Ancient Philosophy: politics is of female gender. In general, Jewish or Christian politician try to hide this point because of the link between Eva and the generation plantain tree, the political principle -that one can find in the Greek myth too where Pandora is sex, the sand on which political architecture is grounded.

Throughout J. de Maistre one can understand that Feminism is not praising Women but Politics behind the religious feminist slogan. In a supposed to be feminist nation like USA, more than 200.000 women from Eastern Europe have been reduced in slavery by porn industry in less than fifteen years; millions of US-women have to pronounce every year -sometimes alone- the death penalty because they are pregnant -for social reasons.

Social murdering is in fact better accepted by paederastic men and women because they need the State protection as kids need their matrix protection.

One can notice that there is something too in paederastic or female gender, excited by politics or society, that makes murder easier (Nazism was nothing else than a frank 'Liberalism' and except stupid theory of Darwin, there is nothing new in Nazism compared to classic Liberalism.): soul stand more for women than the body does, contrarily to men who do trust more the body. I never met in fact a 'real man' who was believing that religious theory of S. Freud was something else than female religion.

In each murderer, especially the one who is the more obviously mad or possessed ('Melancholia' is satanic possession for Christian people as the 'Melancholia' engraving of A. Durer does explain it.) there is a blind mathematician. In other words, the murderer does not see the body but only the mathematical soul. Murder is a social behaviour that remain us that in primitive dictatorship the king was regularly sacrified as a calf, which was may be more human.

*Atheist masonic principles of XIXth are just derivating from Christian masonic principles of Baroque Time which J. de Maistre was regreting, unable to understand that atheism was the politics' faith and reason (He just should have read the New Testimony!). But there is sincerity in J. de Maistre like in nazism -may be more- and he is usefully seeing both Shakespeare and Francis Bacon as his ennemies.


  • Didn't you want to say that American (Japanese or Cerman) women are so temperamental that they walk through cities and stare at handsome men going by? Sourire... In fact, to goggle at women or not depends upon the official culture. French men are "officially" allowed to look at unknown women openly, Arab men (living in the Arab world not in France) are not. But it isn't the question of temperament, is it?
    France in the same degree is a country for pederasts. Non?
    Ha-ha, politics is female but political systems (conservatism, nazism, nationalism, totalitarianism, militarism, socializm, communism, liberalism, etc.) are masculine... Art and implementation...
    Read Nikolai Berdyaev, he was writing for you, catholic and marxist...

  • - Nazism is for me obviously of female gender. Look at A. Hitler's mass: he is a better Conductor of the Orchestra than nobody else, Karajan or Menuhin, one of these fucking incestuous bastards who do remain me Aristotle's observation that professional musicians are stupid. And music is as politics one female entertaining.

    - Do not you think it is rather bizarre that the nation that have the highest official good opinion on 'society' and its virtue (no one did best in social matter than Hitler between 1934-40 except may be the communist government in eastern germany after the ww2), those nations are the same where living together in society is the most difficult. In the women's eyes in USA, I could see the animal's fright.
    My friend Henri from the USA who is dreaming to live in France never told me why exactly, but I know that this is because of the strong social oppression in his country that you cannot stand without becoming an animal or drinking a lot.

    Bisous too.

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