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Fuck Your Parents!




After soft boring Dictatorship of de Gaulle, replaced by Sex Revolution, as German and boring as de Gaulle before, we have now torture-Games on French-TV, Prostitution as Feminism speech, and almost the Greek or Californian Bankruptcy in a rich country where twice more people could leave in peace. And know what? French journalists that suck are surprised that 'only' 40% of voters took part to last Poll. Opposite is surprising: that there are 40% of voters that do trust Politicians again and again as a kid is trusting his mother even if she is punching him.

Voters are mother-fuckers! Fable of Oedipus-the Tyrant about Politics is true.

French word for 'ballot-box' is 'funeral urn'. Death is in fact where Politics is going.


  • I don’t know what you mean saying « voters are mother fuckers ».
    To me, voters are true zombies.
    But they carry on voting, by a sort of inertia. It is the bobo high mass (and mess). Their grand parents or parents did it, saying thanks to vote we got human rights and “congés payés” (and also the funny Mr Pétain as a bonus), many people died for that, blah blah blah. Very strange. I personally know some very serious, honest, well educated bobos who really, genuinely believe that with democracy you can express your protestation. How? It’s so simple: just put this paper into the box. Which means: “Oh! You want to protest? Very good! You’re right! Come on! Just put your ballot paper in this little box, and go back home like all the other assholes, watch stupid TV debate and go to bed! Don’t worry, we sort out everything!” Incredible.
    However, if some conditions were met, I could think about voting: they should put up some barbecue and bar in the polling stations, with busty barmaids serving wine. Voting could be good. In that case I could go to vote every Sunday.

  • - I mean gay/paederastic people are perfect citizens. What Suburb Moralists noticed with their "Fuck Your Mother!" device... with more understanding than Moralists who are paid by the State or by TV to teach the public and the Student in Polytechnic or Saint-Cyr School, full of young bourgeois dreamers in their clown uniforms.

    - More surprising than French Yuppies (bobos) who do continue to vote is in my opinion the devotion of public, many years after he died, for sad boring politician such as Pierre Beregovoy?? As nobody Knows who he was exactly (even his own wife it was said), this is not far away from the Devotion for his own asshole, isn't it? Less superstitious is to believe in Ghosts that haunt Castles when you are a little kid.

    (I am making a new Weblog with shorter texts with Fodio. Will you be with us, Porteur?)

  • Barbecue is rather promising Porteur, particularly suited for apocalyptic times! let's roast the fucking beast!

  • Poor simple-minded Beregovoy has been manipulated by banks like a chicken by a tiger. He never understood Keynes is just a lure, a sort of pretext to borrow more money, guaranted by future times. He did not even know what "central bank" means.

    (Lapinos, Fodio, yes: I'll be with you).

  • Future is not only a guarantee for bankers but for the Devil himself. This is the reason why Celine is speaking about Death WITH Credit, which is close to the Death OF Credit itself.

    (666 is the Stroke of Luck for Players in Ancient Times.)

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