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  • Celine and Churches





    Quoted two times by French Louis-Ferdinand Celine in a compilation of his letters is Karl Marx analysis that 'Jewish are freeing themselves when Christian people are becoming Jewish.' Remembering Voltaire who was complaining at his Time about the Jesuit and Jansenist Parties that made a kind of Jewish Church with the Catholic one.

    Remembering young Simona Weil too, who did not want to belong to Catholic Church because she thought that Christian people committed the same mistakes than Jewish people in Old Testament until the murdering of Jesus whom she was trusting after a communist youth.

    Today Roman Church in France is nothing more than an old Relic, helped by the French Government because of tourism, and which does interest only young maiden looking for gay husbands (those are probably the best). It is more acurate to say that this Church is 'Genital' than 'Jewish'. With last German Pope, Jewish character of Catholic Church was more obvious because of his interest in old latin rites. The kind of old Catholics that one can see in Paris yet, living together as much as possible, very conservative (you can even find some who are praising the coming back of a King!), are those who are looking the more Jewish out.

    Though Roman Church is an old woman now and Capitalist Politics destroyed the Economy of rich countries those last fifty years, without stopping to steal foreign wealth in Africa or Asia (including Human wealth),  those people supposed to be with Jesus and Poors, not even are able to notice that Jesus-Christ has been murdered by Clercks and Magistrates, and that it is not impossible that Human History is made of the same steps than Jesus life himself was.

  • Who is the Joker?





    My Friend Henri from Sacramento (a Town where you can feel the Devil's Attendance like in most of US-Cities) was surprised when he met me for the first Time by my lack of Humour and Irony; as a Yankee he was translating Humour as a Proof of Spirit, though for lots of French people it is first of all proof of Stupidity or Journalism.

    Women mostly hate the Truth and love contrarily the Society which is based on lies (those that Sociologist are carefully keeping up). Female Irony is thus in this regard worse than Socrates' use of Irony to put Ignorance in light: just the Veil of hypocrisy.

    Modern Poetry is not far away from humour: this is probably the reason why French Prince of Poets Baudelaire (a little bit too smart may be to be said just a poet), why Baudelaire noticed that 'Gospels do not laugh'.

    If you do not admit or understand the link between Irony and Socialism, just watch Adolf Hitler's speeches: he is a great Master of Orchestra and know very well how to make the German female-soldiers not only vibrate as pipes but laugh too. Hitler's art is very close to Chaplin's. I do not doubt that 'in another life' -as Buddhists say-, Hitler would have been a very convincing Hollywood movie-maker.


    Now, is there Humour or Irony in French Art or Literature? It is probably in French Moralists of XVIIth Century that one can find more easily some Humour. But French Spirit is not summarized in this Flight of Ancient Crows. Therefore concerning great Moliere, it is a mistake to believe he is a Moralist. Humour is just a trick for Moliere to protect himself: there is behind which can be taken just as comedies, one of the most violent fights against Society in French Art.

    Same mistake with English Shakespeare: those who do think Shakespeare is writing comedies did not even read Shakespeare. Use of Irony by Hamlet for instance is very specific: it makes his enemies who want to kill him believe that he is mad, and so less dangerous, but the Reader is understanding although that Hamlet is above his ennemies' irony.

    Example of Thomas More is conclusive too: More was praising Politics, which is rather strange for a Christian but does correspond to the Christian Free-masonic tradition (preceeding the Atheist one in Europa) ; and More was therefore famous for his Irony. Shakespeare's Play shows us Thomas More as a liar (promising life and giving death), and a Cuckold of his own opinion about Politics, making More 'the Saint of Cuckolds'.


    Master of Irony and Humour in XXth Century is English Evelyn Waugh, probably without any serious concurrence but Winston Churchill himself. Almost perfect circle. It is true that Waugh is partly of female gender: his obsession of marriage, melancholy, interest for religious rites do reveal a female identity. But the use of Irony by Waugh is not gratuitous at all and curiously mostly against Female Systems like USA ('The Beloved One') or English Army ('Put out more Flags').

    Waugh books are proving that best Irony is asking to beware of irony. Humour requires as every kind of system, mathematics, colors, religion, a.s.o., to have distrust; if you do not you are just turning around like a stupid car-race made by Waugh the symbol of modern thinking making old new and new old and old new and new old...

  • Divided Kingdom of Satan





    There is probably just one Point where a French guy can make peace with one US guy (I am not talking about French Suckers who are dreaming about US-Dollars of course but about those who know the true History of the bombing of Normandy by the US-Air Force; or the intolerable weakness of US-Girls that makes the coupling between a French guy and an US-girl impossible -except if this French guy is Gay.)

    Point of peace is the common hate of Great-Britain. Good point in Christianity when it is not ruled by almost female is that the hate of every nation is encouraged! Gospels should be prohibited as much as Marxism in the US Nation if common US-people would be able to read.

    Hate of Great-Britain, ruled by Shylock, that betrayed Shakespeare. Always the same (the sole?) example of Ezra Pound who came to England, thinking that Englishmen would be interested in... Art! Man, Englishmen are only interested in motherfucking. Between smart Evelyn Waugh and Ezra Pound, both praising Mussolini as an honest capitalist (an example for Barack Obama, even if it is difficult to imagine Pound or Mussolini in Harvard), I am choosing Pound. There is no excuse when you are from the Country of Bacon and Shakespeare.

  • Bacon as Shakespeare

    I have read somewhere that most of the 'Baconians' are from the USA, refering I guess to Henry James or Mark Twain (I wonder if Ezra Pound was Baconian because James Joyce is 'turning around' and Italian middle-age poetry is both the heart of Pound and one key for understanding some of Shakespeare's plays.):

    - My first remark about that is that a lot of US-writers are feeling in the US-Nation like in a gigantic cell. Those writers are not representing common US-people at all that voted for George Bush because he was wearing a cow-boy's hat or for Barack Obama because he was the cheapest and best means (costed about one milliard $) to give new hymen to a Nation covered of fresh blood and fresh lies (as every Nation: it is in the Constitution of a Nation to make war).

    - Probably US-people are able to feel that Francis Bacon's Science is as far away from US-Science based on computing, mixing numbers with metaphysics without any hierarchy -as far away as possible-, and that Shakespeare's fight against theocrazzy is away from US puritanical idea of Nation (Proof is given in 'Measure for measure' that puritan idea and pornography are grounded on the same sexual obsession, representing the perfect example of what materialist scientists as Aristotle or Marx are calling 'idea', includind two symetric directions.)

    Shakespeare and Bacon are attractive for US-people or writers whose Nation-mother never came into History era, 'further Hercule's Columns'... as two exotic islands are. There is the link.

    - Therefore one has to notice that European today scholars cannot make this link unless offending the honour of the whole scholarship (four hundred centuries without seeing anything in Shakespeare except stylistic details!) Same for England itself. Explaining Shakespeare's plays with the help of Baconian Science and Baconian Science with the help of Shakespeare's tragedies would lead to the understanding that English heroe W. Shakespeare is not very... English. In fact Francis Bacon did not imagined England as the Big National Bankruptcy, a no man's land country as it is now, governed by a ridiculous Queen.